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Lindop School District 92

Job Description


Title: Instructional Coach


The Lindop School District Instructional Coach Position is to provide targeted instructional expertise in scientifically based and sound K-8th instruction in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies to students and teachers. The Instructional Coach will assist with the implementation of the district’s multilevel instructional programs, supporting Tier I instructional practices and data-driven planning processes, and Tier II and Tier III interventions. The Instructional Coach will support the effective use of formative assessments, best practices in data analysis, and research-based instructional planning. As required by the Superintendent, each Instructional Coach analyzes assessment data, orders materials needed to support teachers and students, demonstrates instructional strategies to teachers, and meets with the administrative team and curriculum director regularly. Additionally, the Instructional Coach will assist students in the classroom in small groups as a teacher when needed.
Description: The Instructional Coach will:

  • Know best practice teaching strategies for students to learn in any content area
  • Be able to analyze data to make decisions
  • Be able to work with Teachers side-by-side to model, support, and build on high-quality instruction in every classroom and content area

 Responsibilities: The Instructional Coach will:

  • Builds strong relationships with teachers, administrators and other coaches.
  • Understands how to motivate adult learners to improve professional practice.
  • Demonstrates proven ability to work cooperatively and effectively with colleagues, including the ability to create and nurture a professional community of adult learners.
  • Possesses strong interpersonal skills, including giving and receiving feedback.
  • Participate in professional development sponsored by the Illinois Department of Education, Lindop School District and other agencies as assigned.
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance to assigned grade levels in the implementation of reading, math, science, and social studies instruction.
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance to assigned grade levels in the implementation of multi-level instruction.
  • Provide targeted technical assistance as needed to teachers regarding reading strategies.
  • Provide targeted technical assistance as needed to teachers regarding math strategies.
  • Provide instructional expertise in scientifically based Reading and Math research and its implication for classroom instruction as needed to teachers.
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance to struggling readers and mathematicians
  • Provide professional development to K-8th teachers in the effective use of scientifically based instructional strategies and valid and reliable assessment systems
  • Plan, organize and assist with all IAR testing procedures for students.
  • Organize and prepare schedules around content instruction and assessments
  • Maintain professionalism in all communications written or verbal
  • Provide differentiated instruction for students and teachers
  • Plan and organize professional development for staff as needed and as directed by the Superintendent or his/her designee
  • Work collaboratively with all Lindop staff
  • Progress monitor struggling students and their achievements
  • Teach small groups or a specific course as assigned

Scope of Work:
The Instructional Coach will primarily be responsible for targeted reading and math support and assistance to K-8 students.
Structural Plan:
The Instructional Coach will be overseen, and receive work assignments from the Superintendent and the building Principal. All assigned tasks must be completed in a timely manner when assigned by the Superintendent or Director of Curriculum and the Principal for targeted services to students and teachers.


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