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  1. Cooperates and communicates within HIPPA/FERPA Guidelines with the

child's parents and health/ medical coordinators for consistency in planning and therapy evaluation and to procure current annual prescriptions for treatment.

  1. Plans and implements therapy programs to meet student needs and IEP


  1. Plans a system to collect and records meaningful data on therapy programming.
  2. Demonstrates flexibility and organization in program


  1. Methods


  1. Facilitates a variety of therapeutic methods conducive to student
  2. Utilizes evidence based practice for development and implementation of individualized programs and
  3. Monitors and evaluates therapy programs using observation, data and pre-

and post-treatment and cross-treatment assessment comparisons.

  1. Provides a motivating, innovative and resourceful therapeutic
  2. Incorporates adaptations and strategies pertinent to the disabling
  3. Incorporates appropriate proactive and preventative behavior management practices and practices that diminish the behavioral actions of
  4. Consults with all members of the educational team inclusive of family, regarding student needs and


  • Knowledge of Subject Matter


  1. School Based occupational therapy addresses purposeful, goal directed activities to improve school function within the educational environment in the following areas:
    • Postural stability
    • Tone management
    • Fine motor skills
    • Visual perception and integration
    • Activities of Daily Living
    • Motor planning
    • Balance/ Coordination
    • Sensory processing
    • Self-help activities
    • Social and play activities
    • Environmental adaptations
    • Use of assistive devices
    • Positioning
    • Orthotic management
    • Adaptive equipment needs
  2. Displays knowledge of development and disabling conditions and their impact on learning and family
  3. Exhibits current knowledge of state and federal rules and regulations and ECHO policies and


  1. Displays practice in keeping within the guidelines of ethical practice as described in the Illinois Practice Act and the American Occupational Therapy
  2. Demonstrates knowledge and ability to present pertinent information on

therapy related topics in trainings for peers, educational teams and family members in formal and informal ways.

  1. Exhibits ability for writing professional reports, case studies, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), case logs, and other child and family


  1. Management


  1. Develops plans and scheduling options for individual and group
  2. Integrates therapy goals and objectives within the student's selected
  3. Works within ECHO Program guidelines to order appropriate materials and

equipment and utilizes and maintains those items appropriately.

  1. Communicates as assigned for informing districts of their student's needs or specific aspects of their educational
  2. Organizes and maintains complete and correct student records as required by law, the student's district, by ECHO policy and administrative
  3. Provides competent supervision for COTA and/ or occupational therapy interns (when applicable) in keeping with the practice act and

school/ caseload requirements.

  1. Organizes physical environment conducive to learning.
  1. Handles emergencies in an organized manner in keeping with ECHO policies and procedures and program
  2. Acts in accord with the ECHO Policy and Procedure
  3. Transitions students through activities within the classroom and school
  4. Develops and manages formal and informal communication systems with parents, professional and paraprofessional staff, and community and agency


  1. Professional Conduct


  • Relates to feedback/ constructive criticism, utilizing problem-solving
  • Demonstrates self-directed professional study via participation in workshops, in-services and available course
  • Negotiates professional growth with the ECHO direct supervisor
  • Attends and participates in appropriate program staff
  • Attends and participates in appropriate student related
  • Exhibits ethical
  • Performs additional duties, as
  • Completes reports and makes recommendations within ECHO
  • Develops and adheres to a daily
  • Utilizes current assessment tools and
  • Performs other duties as requested.


  • Registration by the American Occupational Therapy Association.
  • Illinois License in Occupational Therapy.
  • Certification with National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
  •  Working knowledge of general child development including motor, cognitive, sensory, psychosocial, and visual perceptual development with relationship to impeding disabilities.
  •  Working knowledge of environmental adaptations, assistive technology, and modifications for access to curriculum.
  •  Commitment to trans-disciplinary approaches.
  •  Ability to physically manage and lift students for a prolonged period.  This would include bending, stooping, pushing and standing, and repetitive lifting of students who are in excess of 50 pounds.



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