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To represent and promote the District Mission and Vision, to assist in the accomplishments of the Board goals, to set expectations and effectively deliver results for academic achievement, climate safety, budget efficiency and employee/student performance.


Responsibility for the direct supervision and evaluation of the Buildings and Grounds Office, Human Resource Office, Information Technology Office, Safety & Security and Food Service Office.


The Assistant Superintendent, in collaboration with the Superintendent’s Leadership Team, is responsible for administering the one school two sites in accordance with local school board, state and federal policies, and for recommending, revising and implementing policies relative to building operations and management. The Assistant Superintendent assists in administering the day to day operations of the school district. The Assistant Superintendent may serve in the absence of the Superintendent as the Chief Administrative Officer of the District.

A. Budgeting

Authority/Responsibility: Develop the district’s budget to reflect the educational vision and mission.

Representative Activities

1. Prepare long range financial projection models to analyze the impact of educational vision and mission.
2. Develop, implement and monitor the annual budget.
3. Prepare all tax levies and monitor all tax extensions.
4. Train administrators to develop, monitor, and manage their annual budgets.
5. Meet regularly with administrators and the board to establish budgetary needs.

B. Business Office Management

Authority/Responsibility: Provide Business Office functions that are customer oriented.

Representative Activities:

1. Develop, monitor and revise the Business Office (payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing) policies and practices.
2. Monitor, evaluate and revise the district’s accounting system for consistency, reliability, accuracy and control.
3. Prepare and submit the annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
4. Develop, monitor and revise the procedures for maintaining all financial documents.
5. Submit quarterly financial reports to the Board of Education.
6. Submit all annual financial reports to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

C. Other Fiscal Responsibilities

Authority/Responsibility: Provide other fiscal services as requested by the Superintendent.

Representative Activities:

1. Gather financial data for negotiations.
2. Analyze the long and short term financial impact of any union proposal.
3. Provide fiscal and planning input for summer school and all grants.
4. Analyze all Tax Incremental Financing and Tax Abatement requests and make recommendations to the Superintendent.
5. Administers the district insurance (property, liability, school board legal, and workers’ compensation), the employee fringe benefit programs, and the student insurance program.
6. Analyze all property assessment challenges and make recommendations to the Superintendent regarding Property Tax Appeals Board.
7. Work with Township Treasurer regarding long term investments.
8. Work with bond counsel on sales of all bonds.
D. Operations Management. Provide supervision and leadership in the operational functions of the District.

1. Provides information for termination and/or suspension of employees, assembling substantiating information and arranging any necessary conferences and hearings in compliance with contractual agreement and state and federal law.
2. Oversees the district athletic program.

E. Facilities Management

Authority/Responsibilities: Develop the district’s long range facilities plan to reflect our educational goals.

Representative Activities:

1. Assist the Superintendent in the development of the long term educational goals.
2. Develop, monitor, and revise the district’s long range facilities plan.
3. Develop, monitor and revise all buildings, grounds, and maintenance procedures.
4. Work with architect on all large construction projects.
5. Negotiate with villages regarding indoor and outdoor security.

F. Transportation Management

Authority/Responsibility: Facilitate the transportation of our students to school and school functions.

Representative Activities:

1. Negotiate and monitor bussing contractual services.
2. File all reports to ISBE.
3. File for state reimbursement from ISBE.

G. Risk Management

Authority/Responsibility: Minimize the district’s exposure to risk.

Representative Activities:

1. Negotiate all medical, dental, life, disability, workers compensation, board liability, foreign liability, boilers, and general liability insurance contracts.
2. Work with the personnel office and the unions to help them understand our policies.
3. Monitor the work of the campus safety committees.
4. Maintain records on all accidents and safety violations.
5. Report all incidents to the insurance company and file claims.

H. Food Service Management

Authority/Responsibility: Support an environment conducive to student achievement by providing for the nutritional needs of students and staff.
Representative Activities

1. Establish expectations for safe, efficient, and economical operations of the food service program.
2. Monitor provisioning of service and quality of product delivered.

I. Communications

Authority/Responsibility: Contribute positively to our internal community and external community.

Representative Activities:

1. Member of the Matteson Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee.
2. Member of the Illinois Association of School Business Officials.
3. Member of the Association of School Business Officials International
4. Create a culture of high expectations for self, students and staff performance.
5. Provide positive two-way communication with building level staff, students, parents and community.
6. Keep informed of and interpret all laws, regulations, statutes, rules and policies affecting the school system.
7. Promote leadership for activities that directly affect students, staff and the schools through administrative planning, training, and directive to coordinate and execute District goals, mission and strategic plan.



1. A minimum of three years of in-depth preparation in school finance and educational administration and supervision.
2. Illinois Type 75 Certification-Administrative Certification
3. Chief School Business Official Endorsement
4. In-depth preparation in school finance and educational administration and supervision.
5. Possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills with staff, parents and patrons.
6. Demonstrates excellence in written communication.
7. Must be able to interpret policy, procedures and data.
8. Must meet any additional qualifications set by the District.

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