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POSITION GOAL:   Assists the teacher in daily classroom instruction.


  1. Model teacher’s instructional methods when working with individual and groups of students.
  2. Provide tutorial help for students.
  3. Observe teacher’s interaction with children who have special learning needs, and engage in similar instructional practices.
  4. Observe student academic and social-emotional behaviors, monitor charges, and report these observations to the certified classroom teacher.
  5. Assist with de-escalation by removing students from the classroom setting and utilizing identified calming areas and incorporating them back into the learning environment.
  6. Assist with maintaining order within the classroom by following established procedures for behavior management.
  7. Assume responsibility for the safety and well being of the students while on school grounds and in non-academic activities (such as lunch, hallway passing, etc).
  8. Attend meetings and participate in professional development programs.
  9. Assume clerical functions as needed, to include, but not limited to taking attendance, duplication of materials, preparation of newsletters, record keeping and monthly reports.
  10. Communicate with students’ parents/guardians as requested.
  11. Perform other duties and assume other responsibilities as may be assigned by the certificated classroom teacher.


  • Trained in Crisis Prevention (CPI) to identify warning signs that can lead to a crisis  and how to utilize verbal and nonverbal techniques to defuse a situation before it can become violent..(training possibly through PPS)
  • Trained in De-escalation to gain skills on remaining calm, managing your own response to prevent physical confrontations..(training possibly through PPS)
  • Trained in physical restraint interventions and personal safety techniques, which are designed to maximize the safety of everyone involved in a crisis situation.(training possibly through PPS).

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