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A. Direct Service Duties:

1. Participate in census/child find procedures to locate persons unserved or underserved who have special service needs.

2. Assist in screening procedures to locate individuals who may need evaluations prior to receiving special education and/or other services.

3. Implement referrals to access individuals to services.

4. Conduct occupational therapy evaluations, as part of case study evaluations and reevaluations, to determine appropriate interventions for improving student development.

5. Participate in conferences (multidisciplinary, IEP modification, annual review, and team) held at district, cooperative, regional, private and parochial agencies to make student, service, and system decisions.

6. Provide treatment to referred, diagnosed students to achieve improved educational development.

B. Support Service Duties

1. Provide consultation to professionals and/or parents on those aspects of their work directly related to improving delivery of services.

2. Assist in planning to facilitate service, program, and/or agency decision making.

3. Participate in training, receiving and/or providing, to improve professional competency.

4. Participate in development to produce services and products improving professional practice.

5. Assist in diffusion of innovation practices to increase the quality of service delivery.

6. Assist in quality control to assure effective accomplishment of objectives by monitoring performance in order to feed back data for evaluation which which in turn serves decision making resulting in service delivery deviations being corrected.

7. Participate in supervision to enhance service delivery performance.

8. Implement education to inform people of student, service, program, or agency functioning.

9. Participate in research to advance knowledge of student, service, and system functioning.

10. Participate in the adoption of innovative practices to increase the quality of service delivery.

C. Administrative Service Duties

1. Participate in personnel recruitment (interviewing and selecting) to acquire quality staff.

2. Utilize documenting procedures (reporting/record keeping forms and procedures) to improve the basis for service delivery decisions.

3. Assist in coordinating services and resources to accomplish service delivery goals and objectives.

4. Assist in implementing due process procedures to inform and protect individuals of their rights.

5. Participate in vertical and horizontal communication to facilitate total operations of the organization.

6. Assist in agency program budgeting preparations to determine needed fiscal resources.

7. Implement requisitioning procedures to obtain supplies and equipment necessary for delivering services.

8. Transport one’s self by traveling from one destination to another to provide services.


Doctorate or Master’s Degree

Current Illinois Occupational Therapist License


Salary to commensurate with education and experience. Benefits available.

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