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General Responsibilities

Permanent substitutes are embedded within a school community for the duration of a school year and are available to substitute teach in classrooms where a staff member is absent. Permanent substitutes will fill both short-term and long-term assignments and may be asked to provide duties at various buildings in the District. 

Essential Functions

  • Communicate and liaison on a regular basis with other teachers in regards to planning, assessment, parent and community contact, and grade level meetings;
  • Instruct students in assigned classroom by using lesson plans provided by the teacher or by enacting new lesson plans;
  • Convey information to students to prepare them to achieve curriculum goals and ensure the teacher’s absence does not cause an interruption in classroom instruction;
  • Develop lesson plans as needed;
  • Gain familiarity with district curriculum and resources;
  • Maintain classroom safety;
  • Perform supervision duties as assigned; and
  • Assist in development of curricular materials as assigned.


Valid Illinois Professional Educator License or Substitute Teaching License



How to Apply

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