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Job Goal: The Medical/Teacher Assistant will work with students with unique

medical needs that require a higher level of medical knowledge. They will perform medical procedures not normally provided by the regular teacher assistant in order to maintain students in the least restrictive environment. They will also act as active members of the educational team in providing services to students. The Medical/Teaching Assistant will work under the supervision of the Certified School Nurse assigned to the student's program.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Medical/Teacher Assistant's primary responsibility is to the individual student's health and safety needs. When these needs are met, the MA/TA will follow the duties outlined for the general Teacher Assistant.

  1. Along with the Certified School Nurse the MA/TA will assist in the development of the classroom health plans and provide classroom staff inservice regarding health plans.
  2. Perform medical procedures that are necessary for students who require medical assessment (i.e., blood glucose monitoring, catheterizations, gastrostomy tube care, tracheostomy care.)
  3. Monitor and assist students in daily routines and help students follow individual daily schedules.
  4. Document procedures and health status of student on daily log.
  5. Communicate changes in health status of student to Program Nurse and/or Teacher.
  6. Handle medical emergencies appropriately and classroom problems quickly and efficiently.
  7. Provide instruction to students individually and/or in small groups following the Teacher's lesson plans and with Teacher direction.
  8. Accompany, assist and monitor students as needed in all other areas of school program outside of classroom (i.e. mainstream classes,community, vocational, transportation to and from home as appropriate, etc.)
  9. Implement established classroom and individual behavior management plans.


Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.



  1. Licensed Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse in Illinois 
  2. CPR certification.
  3. Para Professional Approval




This position range is $29.59 - $33.36

Additional Notes

There are various locations for these positions at SASED.  Our medical classrooms are located at Concord School, Hillcrest School, Kingsley School, O'Neill Junior High, Willowbrook High School, and Addison Trail High School.  We also have program nurse opportunities to oversee programs and provide support.

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