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The Morrison Community School District is accepting application for a full time Speech Language Pathologist for the 2021-2022 school year. Candidates must possess or be eligible to obtain a valid Illinois Speech Language licensure, experience in the Special Education setting is preferred but not required. 

Position responsibilities include, but are not lmiited to:

1. Serve as a resource to school staff members in the development of a balanced program for oral communication and speech improvement.

2. Provide a therapeutic program to meet individual needs of speech and hearing handicapped children.

3. Assist and guide teachers in observing, describing, and referring suspected and identified speech and language impairments.

4. Provide a thorough assessment and diagnosis of speech, voice, hearing, and language impairments.

5. Provide screening to identify speech handicapped children at regular intervals and at specified levels.

6. Assist in proper referrals of individuals to agencies and specialists in the community as appropriate.

7. Provide appropriate individualized programs of therapy to meet individual students’ needs and correct existing speech or language handicaps.

8. Collaborate with classroom teachers and other school staff members to implement therapy by suggestions for the students’ daily activities.

9. Provide information, support, and counseling to parents and families when appropriate.
10. Provide inservice education and serves as a consultant to teachers and school staff members on topics concerning speech services.


valid Illinois Speech Language licensure

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