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Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Monitor and assist students in their daily routines across all school and community settings.
  2. Provide individual or small group instruction under the teacher’s supervision.
  3. Provide academic support at the student’s academic level.
  4. Accompany students and provide academic and/or behavioral support in inclusion settings.
  5. Communicate with students at the student’s level and according to the needs of the student.
  6. Demonstrate a positive attitude toward students.
  7. Assist students with bathroom/hygiene needs according to teacher request or needs of student; use appropriate sanitation during these activities.
  8. Support individual student’s therapy program as directed by related services staff and/or classroom teacher including data collection.
  9. Provide active student supervision including but not limited to: bus duty, community outings, playground, lunchroom, and passing periods.
  10. Follow through on behavioral programs including individual behavior intervention plans and crisis plans, including but not limited to: reinforcement, non-violent crisis intervention, data collection, modeling, and physical management.
  11. Assist students onto and into transportation to and from school and during the school day, including buckling of seat belts and/or harnesses.
  12. Demonstrate care for, correct use of, and maintenance of equipment, materials and school property.
  13. Assist students with the use and care of adaptive equipment.
  14. Develop classroom materials including but not limited to cutting, typing, copying, laminating, utilizing propriety software.
  15. Assist in maintaining a clean, orderly learning environment.
  16. Demonstrate commitment to the safety of students by maintaining a safe environment and knowledge of emergency procedures.
  17. Work in a professional manner with all staff; SASED and district personnel.
  18. Participate in specialized training as requested by the program administrator.
  19. Participate as requested in team planning meetings or IEP meetings.
  20. Ability to travel during the day to another SASED site.
  21. Take appropriate initiative when no specific task is assigned.
  22. Follow through with classroom teacher routines and procedures.
  23. Transport students to and from school and during the school day with a SASED owned or leased vehicle (SE).  


  1. Professional Educator License with Stipulations issued by ISBE endorsed as para professional. (Licensure requirements: https://www.isbe.net/Pages/Educator-License-with-Stipulations.aspx)
    1. At least 19 years of age
    2. One of the Following:
      1. Associate's degree or higher
      2. 60 semester hours of coursework
  • High School Diploma and passing score on the ACT Workkeys
  1. Some sign language ability and interest in improving signing skill. (Signing Teaching Assistants only).
  2. Physical ability to be trained and perform physical management techniques with fidelity.


Terms of Employment:  Minimum 177 day work year at a pay rate established by the Board of Directors in accordance with its Agreement.

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