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• Assists in the organization of assignments and adaptations of materials
• Follows specific instructional strategies and plans to support student learning and independence
• Assists with individual or small group instruction, as prescribed
• Communicates in an effective and positive manner with colleagues, learners and visitors
• Assists professional in various aspects of implementing instructional/thematic/therapeutic plans
• Facilitates and supports learners in a variety of settings (e.g. general education classes, community based activities, work experience sites, etc.)
• Participates in collection of assessment data and documentation
• Confers with professional on a regular basis regarding learner expectations and outcomes and student/program needs
• Supports learners during transitions between classes and activities
• Assists students with bathroom/hygiene needs
• Assists students on/off the bus
• Assists with playground duties

Classroom Management
• Creates and arranges classroom décor to reflect instructional outcomes
• Assists with daily tasks and record-keeping related to student attendance forms, clerical needs, files, inventory, supplies, etc.
• Maintains a neat and orderly learning and work environment
• Facilitates learner use of computers, augmentative systems and various equipment for instructional purposes

Staff Roles
• Maintains a high level of confidentiality with respect to work-related and student information
• Demonstrates initiative and continual assessment of personal effectiveness
• Conforms to specific guidelines of assigned program
• Performs specialized functions, requiring certification or additional training, required by a specific program or student (e.g. catheterization, positioning, lifting, physical restraint, feeding)
• Participates in staff development opportunities
• Demonstrates knowledge of first aid and health related/emergency procedures
• Demonstrates professionalism
• Follows procedures and policies established by the Cooperative

• Follows policies and procedures of SWCCCASE
• Demonstrates professionalism while setting examples for students
• Demonstrates continual assessment of personal and program effectiveness, responds effectively to feedback
• Actively participates in the evaluation process
• Demonstrates flexibility and is adaptable to change
• Uses judgement appropriately
• Conducts self in appropriate and ethical manner
• Treats others with respect and dignity
• Participates in professional growth activities
• Maintains a clean work area
• Dresses appropriately

Communication Skills
• Performs as an integral member of the educational team
• Maintains confidentiality in matters related to this position
• Relates in a helpful, positive, and efficient manner with peers, supervisors, and all those in contact with SWCCCASE

• Able to lift, push or pull at least 50 lbs.
• Assist with bus duties, regardless of weather conditions
• Accompany students into the pool during swim instruction
• Participate in physical management techniques
• Maneuver a wheelchair
• Accompany students in a van or school bus for community outings and field trips


Registered Para or Sub License through ISBE
Experience working with children
Valid drivers’ license
Certification in CPR (preferred)


Length of employment, salary and benefits determined by the Board of Directors of SWCCCASE

How to Apply

Apply online on our employment page at:  www.swcccase.org  

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