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• Demonstrates knowledge of formal and informal assessment procedures
• Selects appropriate assessment instruments
• Conducts assessments appropriately
• Interprets assessment information accurately
• Demonstrates knowledge of the screening/referral/evaluation process
• Conducts ongoing assessment of instructional/therapeutic goals and objectives
• Demonstrates awareness, understanding and knowledge of the variety of physical, emotional and cognitive conditions which may contribute to communication disorders

Provision of Instruction/Therapy/Counseling:
• Demonstrates an understanding of the content area
• Defines and/or revises specific and sequential goals and objectives appropriate for student based assessment
• Develops long range plan according to instructional/therapeutic sequence
• Demonstrates daily preparation to achieve IEP goals and objectives
• Selects, prepares and/or adapts materials to meet individual student needs
• Organizes time, space, materials, equipment for instruction/therapy
• Plans for a substitute and has materials available at all times (when appropriate)
• Employs a variety of techniques, methods and materials appropriate for student needs
• Demonstrates effective individual and group behavior management techniques

Communication Skills
• Communicates in an effective, constructive and positive manner with students and parents
• Interacts positively and effectively with school personnel, including supervisors, administrators, teachers, auxiliary staff, building secretaries, etc. as an effective team member
• Promotes positive public relations

Management Tasks
• Facilitates, coordinates and/or schedules for teacher, aide, student, and district personnel
• Manages and coordinates required meetings/conferences
• Manages and coordinates required paperwork
• Trains, supervises and evaluates paraprofessionals (when applicable)
• Completes, monitors and/or forwards pupil data as required
• Participates as a member of district or departmental team in improving service delivery

• Follows policies and procedures of Cooperative
• Demonstrates knowledge of special education legislation and acts in accordance with these mandates
• Demonstrates knowledge in field including current issues and trends
• Demonstrates professionalism (flexible, adaptable, uses good judgement, acts appropriately and ethically, child centered, treats others with respect and dignity)
• Demonstrates continual assessment of individual program effectiveness and responds professionally to feedback
• Participates in professional growth activities
• Actively participates in the staff evaluation process
• Dresses appropriately
• Treats others with respect and dignity
• Maintains a clean work area


Illinois Speech Language Pathologist (PEL)


Length of employment, salary and benefits determined by the Board of Directors of SWCCCASE

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