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McLean County Unit District No. 5

Position Title:   Certified School Psychologist
Department:     Building Personnel
Location:          TBD
Reports to:       Principal/Assistant Principal
FLSA Class:     Exempt
FTE:                  1.0


To provide comprehensive school psychological services to parents, teachers, children and administrators in the Unit 5 school District.


  1. Conduct individualized assessments and screenings as a part of an evaluation for special education, Section 504 eligibility, or through the MTSS process, including evaluation of cognitive abilities, academic achievement, independent functioning, and social/emotional skills.
  2. Provide recommendations to school personnel for academic intervention, modifications and accommodations, behavioral supports, Section 504 eligibility, and special educational services and placement.
  3. Conduct individual or group counseling and/or social-emotional intervention for students based on MTSS (Multi Tiered System of Support) and/or IEP determined needs.
  4. Participate in multidisciplinary staff conferences as requested for MTSS, evaluation referrals, and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).  
  5. Provide consultation services to parents, teachers, school personnel and community agencies, which may include in-service training for building staff. 
  6. Serve as data manager for progress monitoring tier 3 and special education students, including supporting staff members in completing progress monitoring assessments.
  7. Support building special education team in ensuring legal timelines are met for the following: responding to requests for evaluations, completing evaluations, conducting three-year reevaluations, and holding annual review IEP meetings. 
  8. Support staff and students in times of crisis, including student crisis intervention, development of safety plans, and use of deescalation strategies.
  9. Function as school psychologist based on home school of students attending therapeutic day school or alternative placements.
  10. Participate in Unit 5 in-service trainings and professional learning communities.
  11. May supervise the training of school psychologist interns in Unit 5 School District.
  12. Keeps informed of new developments in the field.
  13. Perform all duties necessary to the position and such other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Special Education.



  1. Master’s Degree in Psychology
  2. Holder of Type 73 School Service Personnel Certificate (requires one-year internship)



Fully Board Paid Medical, Dental, and Vision available
Per the negotiated contract between McLean County Unit 5 and the United Five Education Association, for the 2024-2025 school year the starting salary range for candidates with a Bachelor's Degree is $41,820 - $56,066 and is based on Education and Certified Teaching experience.  For candidates with a Master's Degree, the range is $46,820 - $67,214 and is based on Education and Certified Teaching experience. 

How to Apply

Application Procedure:
Apply Online at www.unit5.org

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