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The following duties of the administrative assistant will be shared with the bookkeeper position.  

  • Develop and process monthly payroll
  • Ensure that bills are ready for Board of Education approval and payments made the following day
  • Enter all receipts for the school district checking account
  • Enter all journal entries
  • Balance bank statement monthly with treasurer
  • Generate all end-of-month and end-of-year reports 
  • Complete all federal and state taxes after each payroll and prepare quarterly and yearly returns
  • Balance the Imprest Fund monthly
  • Complete IMRF file and withholdings monthly.
  • Act as IMRF local agent
  • Process all garnishments, TRS payroll deductions, child support withholdings, union dues, United Way deductions, credit union withholdings, and annuities
  • Ensure that petty cash is reimbursed monthly
  • Generate all printouts and information for auditors 
  • Generate figures for Official State Budget yearly
  • Ensure that all monies are deposited and a clear paper trail is created
  • Act as a district notary
  • Track expenditures and keep the superintendent aware of overspending
  • Deal with employees and TRS regarding retirement forms, benefits, questions, etc.
  • Act as the district agent to enroll new employees in eligible programs 
  • Respond to requests regarding employment from mortgage companies, unemployment office, etc.
  • Maintain payroll files, current and for past 6 years
  • Submit Teacher Service Record information to ISBE yearly
  • Close out books at end of fiscal year
  • Process W-2 forms for distribution in January of each year and submitting data file to Social Security Administration 
  • Inspect District property and observe activities on District property for unsafe conditions which may lead to injury; correct any unsafe practices and conditions and to report all other potential safety hazards to their supervisors.
  • Work with supervisors to develop and maintain a program of safe conditions and practices for the welfare of the students, faculty, employees, volunteers, visitors and other invitees.
  • Follow the safety guidelines specified in the Safety and Risk Management Plan for Washington Grade School District #52
  • Perform all other duties necessary to the position and other duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent


    1. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
    2. Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others
    3. Maintain records and prepare reports
    4. Determine appropriate actions within clearly defined guidelines
    5. Work independently
    6. Meet schedules and timelines
    7. Compose correspondence and written materials independently
    8. Operate a variety of office machines and equipment


This is a 12 month full time position with full benefits and will be paid according to experience and skills. 

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