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1.  Implements parent education for families
2.  Facilitates parent involvement at a variety of levels throughout the program
3.  Consults with staff regarding individual family strengths and needs
4.  Facilitates a supportive learning environment for families
5.  Implements parent education in accordance with best practices
6.  Conducts home visits for assigned families
7.  Recommends child and family strengths and needs to develop service plan
9.  Monitors development of children and refers for further evaluation
10. Maintains child and family records to facilitate
      programming and comply with PAT (Parents As Teachers) and ISBE 

  1. Communication:
    1. Demonstrates the ability to communicate and interact sensitively and       
    2. effectively with parents, children, staff and community agencies
    3. Uses effective written data systems
    4. Communicates necessary information verbally or via reports in a timely manner
    5. Keeps team members and administration appropriately informed.
    6. Displays appropriate written and verbal skills
    7. Maintains confidentiality


  1. Professional Responsibilities:
    1. Participates in professional growth opportunities
    2. Demonstrates appropriate teaming strategies
    3. Demonstrates knowledge of child development
    4. Follows ECHO policies and procedures
    5. Displays flexibility
    6. Is accurate and punctual with reports, records and communication
    7. Reports to tall work assignments in a punctual and consistent manner
    8. Dresses in a professionally appropriate manner
    9. Conducts self in an ethical, appropriate manner and displays good judgement
    10. Performs all duties as assigned



 Highly Qualified
 Minimum Bachelor degree
Knowledge and skills necessary for role assignment
Experience working with families with infants and toddlers
Experience working in parent education
Bilingual (Spanish) communication skills preferred for some of the positions




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