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(specific roles and functions will vary depending on assignment)

Duties and Responsibilities

Direct Services

  1. Interprets and transliterates all communication to students who are deaf/hard of hearing at their level of language comprehension and to others in the education environment
  2. Prepares for the student’s course work through means such as consultation with instructors, reading the assignments, and previewing educational videotapes
  3. Collaborates with the general education teacher, DHH teacher (and the student, if age appropriate) to determine the best physical placement of interpreter and student
  4. Works closely with the DHH teacher to share on a consistent basis about student’s progress or any related problems/concerns
  5. As directed, provides in-service and information to the general education staff to promote understanding of sign language and the role of the interpreter
  6. Teaches students to utilize an interpreter appropriately
  7. Assumes other in-school interpreting responsibilities such as parent conferences, testing, disciplinary situations, counseling, field trips, etc. pertaining to the assigned student
  8. Provides academic support such as tutoring the deaf or hard of hearing student as appropriate
  9. Follows classroom and program behavior management policies and procedures
  10. Interprets and transliterates for deaf adults at meetings, if appropriately licensed
  11. Facilitates and monitors the deaf or hard of hearing student in obtaining student or teacher notes and setting up notetakers
  12. Avoids contacting the student’s parents, and will avoid any contact from the families; refers questions/concerns to the DHH and general education teacher
  13. Coordinates with the DHH teacher and interpreting team to schedule interpreting time and daily plan period
  14. Utilizes plan period to perform duties related to the interpreting job or will perform duties as assigned by the DHH teacher
  15. Facilitates communication for all consumers rather than assisting or completing work for the deaf or hard of hearing student
  16. Collaborates with the educational team to assure that students are appropriately supported and supervised throughout the day
  17. While actively interpreting, avoids disciplining the deaf or hard of hearing student and other students while maintaining an understanding that the interpreters are a functioning staff member in the building and will fulfill expectations as such regarding discipline


  1. Maintains and exhibits a high level of ethical behavior by adhering to the Code of Professional Conduct as it applies to educational interpreters
  2. Observes and follows all ECHO and housing district policies and procedures
  3. Attends necessary professional meetings, classes, and/or trainings to ensure continued growth and knowledge in professional area
  4. Works collaboratively as a part of the educational team
  5. Maintains a positive and effective relationship with supervisors and responds effectively to feedback


Performs other duties as assigned


Illinois state Board of Education Approval of standard Sign Language Interpreter (SGNS)


Contract: Length of contract, salary, and benefits are established by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Executive Board of ECHO and the ECHO Employee Association

Job Posting Date


Start Date