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Implement and coordinate positive behavior support plans and intervention techniques
Collaborate with the building’s problem solving teams including parents when a student exhibits severe behaviors in the school environment
Demonstrate expertise in the area of data collection and behavior analysis
Evaluate/monitor student progress and collaborate with school based problem solving teams on student progress
Assist in writing comprehensive functional assessments, behavior intervention plans, or programmatic recommendations for individual students
Provide training in the use of data collection, positive behavior supports, intervention techniques, and instructional methodologies to educational staff
Assist buildings by observing individual students who exhibit severe behaviors in the classroom and other settings as needed
Demonstrate/model behavior management ideas and/or techniques
Consult with parents concerning the status of behavior in the home and recommendations that can be carried out in the home
Develop materials and provide resources for and provide professional development to administrators, educators, paraprofessionals, and parents/guardians in Applied Behavior Analysis and other evidence based methodologies related to addressing the needs of students with behavior difficulties
Attend IEP, eligibility, or other meetings as necessary and provide related behavioral information
Work with students who exhibit maladaptive/unexpected behaviors and provide support and professional learning for staff who work with students who exhibit such behaviors
Provide services for students that need support based on their IEP
Provides an individual program to meet the social/emotional needs of students who exhibit severe behaviors
Utilize sound psychological principles concerning the growth and development of children
Assist students who are transitioning
Travel to school sites as required for observations, behavior intervention plans, or programmatic recommendations for individual students


  • Valid Illinois professional educator license with either a LBS1, preferred LBS2, or a school social worker/psychologist approval
  • Ability to travel within the district to all buildings as necessary
  • Experience with students on the autism spectrum disorder and emotional disabilities
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst preferred

Additional Notes

Applicants will be reviewed by building's hiring supervisor.
Reports to: Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services/Coordinator of Social Emotional Learning

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