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1. Certified Special Ed. Teacher
2. LBS1 Unlimited
3. Experience and education working with assigned student category, ie. SED, LD,
TMH, EC, Autistic, Severe and Profound, Medically Fragile.
4. Ability to develop effective working relationships with administration, staff and
the school community.
REPORTS TO: As assigned to appropriate Building Principal or Technical Assistant

1. The teacher is to serve as a case manager for all students on their caseload.
2. When requested, the teacher will serve as a behavioral specialist assisting the
staff in developing behavioral intervention plans for students attending the local
school as well as for those students receiving services in Tri-County classrooms.
3. The teacher will provide instruction to students as part of the special education
team. In order to minimize the stigma often associated with this placement; the
teacher will provide instruction to a variety of students with special education
4. The teacher will intervene, on a temporary basis, as an In-School suspension
supervisor for emotionally disturbed students in crisis; and
as needed for other special education students as requested by District
and Tri-County Administrative Staff.
5. The teacher will participate in IEP meetings as requested and will be prepared to
share student progress, as well as recommend program goals and objectives.
1. The teacher shall attend all staff meetings at the local public school unless
instructed by his/her supervisor to do otherwise.
2. The teacher shall assume duties as assigned by the building principal or
Technical Assistant Supervisor to assist in the overall supervision of the

3. The teacher shall work the same hours as other teachers at the local public
school building, normally expected to be six hours and forty five minutes per
school day and shall work 180 days per school year.
4. The teacher shall serve on building committees as requested by the local public
school staff.
5. The person will follow all guidelines as addressed in the Responsibilities of
Teachers section of the policy manual.
6. The person shall assume other responsibilities as requested by his/her
7. Integration of Technology into Instruction
a. Demonstrates continual growth in technology knowledge and skills to stay
abreast of current and emerging technologies.
b. Teachers plan and design effective learning environments and experiences
supported by available software and technology.
c. Teachers implement curriculum plans that include methods and strategies
for applying technology to maximize student learning in the curriculum of
one’s subject area(s) and/or grade level(s).
d. Teachers apply technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment and
evaluation strategies.
e. Teachers use technology to enhance their productivity and professional
practices including word processing, database, spreadsheet,
telecommunications and print/graphic utilities, class attendance
(Lighthouse), Individual Education Plan (IEP) programs.


Applicants must have a valid Professional Educator License from ISBE for an LBS-1 Special Education Teacher

How to Apply

Applicants should apply through Frontline, which is the link provided. Application Link

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