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12 Month Position






  1. Ensure an orderly and efficient environment within the Principal, Associate Principal, and Assistant Principal's office area.
  2. Demonstrate positive communication skills with students, staff, parents, and other members of the school community.
  3. Demonstrate ability and the flexibility to handle a large workload.
  4. Perform secretarial/clerical duties for members of the Principal’s Leadership Team.
  5. Pursue acquisition of new skills to promote personal and professional growth.
  6. Teacher absences:
    1. Record, distribute and file, all faculty personal, professional, and sick leave, etc. keeping a running balance of days used. Enter in Skyward, and make a copy of approved leave to put in teachers' mailboxes.
    2. At beginning of the year calculate and communicate new totals for Personal and Sick Leave availability to the Certified staff after checking the carry-over balances for accuracy for Certified staff in Skyward.
    3. Calculate sick and personal leave available for teacher on leave and enter into Skyward.
  7. Substitute Teachers:
  1. Assign substitute duties each morning for absent teachers.
  2. Issue keys and lesson plans to substitutes each morning, seeing that keys are returned at the end of each day.
  1. Master Schedule:
    1. Produce the Master Schedule document and issue a copy to each staff member.
    2. Revise Master Schedule as needed, and provide a revised copy to all staff members.
  2. Timesheets:
    1. Issue time sheets to cafeteria supervisors and permanent substitutes Copy and return signed sheets.
    2. Complete timesheets for internal substitutes.
    3. Collect secretarial timesheets; forward to Payroll and H/R; file approved timesheets.
  3. Field Trips:
    1. Provide a copy of the field trip form to attendance, transportation, the teacher taking the field trip, and the file.
  1. Schedule substitutes for the teacher taking the field trip.
  1. Miscellaneous:
    1. Type, file update calendars/schedules, and open and sort mail as required for the Principal and Assistant Principal.
    2. Serve as back-up receptionist for main office switchboard/mailroom.
    3. Order and issue room keys and mailbox keys to new employees and faculty including SEDOL staff as needed.
    4. Set up appointments for staff evaluations and maintain a record of completed evaluations. Type evaluation forms when requested.
    5. Assist in producing all state reports (School Report Card, North Central Report, Fall Housing Report, End of Year Report, etc.)
    6. Produce and distribute teacher and sub packets at the beginning of each year.
    7. Act as liaison with the Principal/Assistant Principal Secretary at Almond and with the Administrative Assistants at the District Office.
    8.  Maintain schedule for conference rooms.
    9. Collect grade book inserts each semester and maintain a file of same.
    10.  Coordinate all-school mailings, order postage, copying, etc.
    11.  Order supplies, etc. that are not in the general stock.
    12. Update and maintain new student packets.
    13. Arrange for service on Scantron machines.
    14. Assist in coordinating district standardized testing programs.
    15. Update scrolling signs each week.
    16. Submit work orders.
    17. Distribute paychecks.
    18. Other duties as assigned.



As per Union Contract

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