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Duties and Responsibilities
I. Subject Knowledge
a. Demonstrate a thorough and accurate knowledge of computer technology field/discipline.
b. Display an ability to interpret and evaluate the theories of computer technology.
c. Stay current in computer subject matter, technological advancements in computer technology, teaching methodologies, and innovations through continued professional development and involvement in professional organizations and course-specific advisory committee.
d. Learn and use technology to enhance the teaching and the educational experience of students.
e. Implement soft skills, professional development, and academic component for a well-rounded program.
f. This course is taught in conjunction with CompTIA's Network and Curriculum.
II. Teaching Duties
a. Create a course load appropriate to the junior and senior students served at KACC
b. Plan and organize instruction in ways that maximize student learning
c. Develop, update and maintain course syllabi in the curriculum binder.
d. Communicate instruction plan to Principal in weekly lesson plans
e. Employ appropriate teaching and learning strategies to communicate subject matter to students.
f. Contribute to the selection and development of instructional materials in accordance with course objectives.
g. Modify instruction, when appropriate, according to diverse student needs (i.e., 504’s and IEPs are to be taken into consideration)
h. Teach students how to connect and install multiple computers and peripherals to create a computer network.
i. Build, configure and maintain network servers along with installing and configuring various network components such as servers, computers, and printers together using data cabling, hubs, and switches.
III. Student Learning Evaluation
a. Establish Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s)/outcomes
b. Follow KACC established grading policies to incorporate employability skills, productivity, properly weighting for tests, exams, etc. in a fair and consistent manner
c. Return evaluation of student work promptly to promote maximum learning
d. Maintain accurate records of student progress to ensure parents/guardians have up-to-date information on the KACC Parent Portal
e. Submit progress reports and quarterly and semester grades accurately and on time per KACC's established schedule.
IV. Classroom Management
a. Create and maintain an environment conducive to learning
b. Take reasonable and necessary precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and the KACC facility – with student safety being of the utmost importance.
c. Ensure adequate classroom supplies are available to students.
d. Maintain accurate records and submit necessary purchase orders for customer repair supplies needed to ensure KACC is appropriately reimbursed for all purchases.
V. General Employment Responsibilities
a. Support Kankakee Area Career Center and Kankakee Area Regional Vocational Education System
b. Maintain confidentiality of all student information
c. Attend the following meetings/events: i. Weekly 8:05 meetings
ii. Monthly After-School Teacher meetings i ii. Teacher Professional Development Days
iv. Parent-Teacher Conferences
d. Comply with all policies contained in the KACC Teacher’s Handbook published annually.
e. Comply with all policies in the KACC Board Policy Manual (available electronically on Public Drive).
f. Maintain excellent attendance
g. When absent, provide clear instructions for a substitute to ensure students have full learning opportunities.


Must have or be eligible for a Provisional Teaching Certificate (2,000 hours of professional employment in automotive technology and Associates Degree)
b. Computer Competence in Google and/or Microsoft Office suite
c. Written and Verbal Communication skills
Physical Requirements

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