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Full-time position at the elementary school (K-8) level.

Responsibilities will include participating in building based problem solving meetings and conducting student evaluations and re-evaluations. Opportunities for professional development and networking with members of the psychology unit.  


Graduate degree in School Psychology with appropriate Professional Educator License, endorsed in School Psychology.


Employee Benefits:
- Insurance: health, dental, vision, and life insurance for those who are a 0.8 FTE
- 403b
- TRS / retirement - same as an Illinois public school employee

Additional Notes

Benefits of working with a Special Education Cooperative:
- You work in the local school Districts that are supported by LADSE, as well as the individual programs that are run specifically run by LADSE.
- You will have many other school psychologists that you are able to network with and are supervised by a School Psychologist Coordinator that has vast knowledge in school psych.
- There are great professional development opportunities for our psychs, as well as being able to collaborate with a multitude of other special education programs such as various occupational therapists, SLPs, physical therapists, social workers, etc. to broaden your skill set and exposure.
- You will be able to support various students from various backgrounds.
- Enjoy the same retirement and service credit from TRS as all School District psychs, with the advantage of having a large psych unit to support your career growth through mentoring and sharing of advice and ideas.

How to Apply

Apply online.  www.ladse.org

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