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  1. Obeys all traffic laws.  Conviction of a traffic violation can result in a suspension or termination. 
  2. Observes all mandatory safety regulations. 
  3. Enforces rules and regulations for all bus riders and maintains discipline when students are on the bus.
  4. Transports only authorized students and releases riders only at authorized stops. 
  5. Reports students who cause issues on the bus to the director of transportation and or principal/assistant principal.
  6. Maintains an accurate, current rider lists and updated seating chart for the bus. 
  7. Keeps assigned bus clean. 
  8. Inspects, empties trash, and sweeps it out on a daily basis. 
  9. Adheres to the assigned schedule. 
  10. Checks the bus before each day’s use for mechanical issues. 
  11. Notifies the director of transportation in the event of mechanical problems or delays. 
  12. Reports all accidents immediately to the transportation director. 
  13. Aids other drivers as necessary during times of inclement weather or other difficulty.
  14. Files pre-trip inspections with the director of transportation daily with duplicate copies remaining in the bus for a period of 30 days. 
  15. Performs a post route walking check of the entire bus to ensure bus is clear of all students.
  16. Maintains mileage logs as required for state and federal reporting.
  17. Maintains a professional attitude while being responsible for students on all routes and out of district trips. 
  18. Follows field trip/out of district trips procedures and guidelines.
  19. Maintains regular attendance and punctuality to ensure teamwork and the completion of job duties essential to the daily operation of the school. 
  20. Performs other related tasks as assigned by the director of transportation or superintendent.
  21. Adheres to a professional code of ethics which includes confidentiality of school related matters and loyalty to the school district.


  1. Minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent. 
  2. Must be at least 21 years of age.
  3. Must possess a valid and properly classified Illinois driver's license. The valid license must contain an "S" endorsement.
  4. Possess a School Bus Driver’s Permit as issued by the Illinois State Board of Education or successfully complete the School Bus Driver Preparation Program as set forth by the Illinois State Board of Education. 
  5. Must consent in writing to the release of results of reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing by the employer of the applicant to the Secretary of State.
  6. Successful completion of random drug screenings required to operate a school bus.
  7. Must not have caused a fatal accident as a result of the unlawful operation of a motor vehicle.
  8. Not have been afflicted with or suffering from any mental disability or disease within the last five years.
  9. Successful completion of bus driver physical required to operate a school bus.
  10. Successful completion of fingerprint based criminal background check (IL State Police and FBI), sex offender and violent youth offender screening.
  11. Must have three or more years of driving experience free from:
  • Revoked driver’s license.
  • Suspended driver’s license.
  • Cancelled or disqualified driver’s license.


HOURLY RATE:  $25/hr. for Regular Routes | $20/hr. for Extracurricular Routes

Paid sick days & Paid Personal days


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