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  • Monitors hallways before and after school and during passing periods.
  • Removes recalcitrant students from the classrooms as directed by the Dean or as needed.


  • Processes Dean referrals as directed by the Dean, including staff/dean feedback.
  • Implements Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) strategies
  • De-escalate out-of-control students with primary technique (Life Space Crisis Intervention).
  • Develop Responsibility Plans.
  • Facilitate serious peer mediations.
  • Assist in ISR and detentions.
  • Supervise in lunchrooms/gym.
  • Escort late students to class.
  • Participate in physical restraints.
  • Assist in classrooms (behavior management and community dynamics).
  • Assist in physical education program.
  • Reinforce application of PSR skills.
  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Dean and Administration.


NCLB Qualified

Experience working with students with behavior problems

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