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This position is responsible for providing instructions to students in the Adult Education Program. 



  1. Assist the Director of Adult Education in carrying out the mission and vision.
  2. Assist in guiding students with an emphasis on maximum progress of participants and successful transition to the next level with the goal of entering post-secondary education or the workplace.
  3. Provide instruction for ABE (direct instruction), HS Credit, and HSE/ASE (GED or HiSET) leading to an Illinois High School Diploma and exposure to career pathways.
  4. Assist in developing student education/IOEP plans. 
  5. Follow student handbook and policies 
  6. Recruit (Create community awareness of the program), test, and register students while maintaining necessary documentation for registered students in a student file.
  7. Evaluate student progress and record data (Student Achievement form, Student goal management form).
  8. Administer pre and post tests (CASAS) in a timely manner, when necessary.
  9. Plan extended education opportunities approved by the Director of Adult Education. 
  10. Provide direct instruction for students using the Adult Ed approved curriculum 
  11. Monitor and coordinate online curriculum usage (i-Pathway, Essential Education).
  12. Record daily student attendance in HSE Book and DAISI.
  13. Record and collect data on student progress and student assessment (CASAS) in HSE Book and DAISI.
  14. Meet regularly with the Director of Adult Education and attend team meetings, professional development opportunities as approved.
  15. Assist with public relations for Adult Ed: newsletters, press releases, community communications, etc.
  16. Work with caseworkers, parole officers to verify student compliance. 
  17. Assist the Bridge Coordinator to refer students to community agencies according to their needs. - Agencies include CSC (Carl Sandburg College), WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, DHS, DOORS). 
  18. Align opportunities with other student service programs to coordinate guest speakers, mentors, etc. approved by the Director of Adult Education.
  19. Report data as approved by the Director of Adult Education in a timely manner. (Updated every Friday, if not daily)
  20. Collaboratively design curriculum, analyze data, and share best practices for student learning and retention of students.
  21. Curriculum development, resources, and sharing across sites in collaboration with other Adult Ed instructors.
  22. Work with the Family Literacy Coordinator in providing parenting education. 
  23. Work with the Adult Volunteer Tutor Coordinator about student needs and tutor hour tracking.
  24. Communicate with tutors when class schedule changes.
  25. Communicate regularly with the Director of Adult Education, Early Childhood/Family Literacy staff, and Bridge and Transition Services Coordinator.
  26. Participate in writing grants for Adult Ed programs and other student-family support programs, when appropriate. 
  27. Assist and collaborate with retention of ALL students.  Communicate with students to ensure student’s minimum hours (40) are reached (student retention).
  28. Be a motivator and professional relationship builder with students to aspire them to the next level.
  29. Maintain the classrooms and the office to ensure a clean and organized environment.
  30. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Director of Adult Education.

Regional Office of Education

  1. Maintain updated Google Calendar.
  2. Complete all required employee documents in an accurate & timely manner per ROE, State, and other grant requirements.
  3. Practice high ethical standards and maintain confidentiality.
  4. Engage in Professional Development per ROE/position requirements.
  5. Follow and enforce all State, Federal, and ROE guidelines and policies in a professional manner.
  6. Maintain turnover files (ROE#33 Purple Binder).
  7. Attend all ROE and program meetings as required by supervisor.
  8. Join and participate in a ROE Committee, including attendance and engagement at meetings. 
  9. Shows up, is prepared, and follows through on commitments with thorough, timely, and consistent work (Dependability)
  10. Willingness to change and/or compromise when needed (Flexibility)
  11. Follows the attendance policy in the ROE handbook (Attendance)
  12. Arrives prepared and ready to work at the scheduled time for meetings, events and work (Punctuality).
  13. Takes initiative in problem solving by implementing and suggesting solutions to problems independently (Problem Solving).
  14. Positively contribute both internally and externally to the culture and climate of the ROE (Attitude).
  15. Take initiative to work independently on a consistent basis to meet expectations of the job by staying on task and completing job duties without constant supervision (Works without Supervision)
  16. Maintain positive relationships both internally and externally that improve the ROE’s culture and climate (Interpersonal Relations).
  17. Work is completed thoroughly, timely, and consistently (Quality of Work) 
  18. Ensure consistent and clear communication with supervisor, colleagues, students/families, and stakeholders. (Communication Skills)
  19. Follow ROE Dress Code consistently (Appearance & Grooming).
  20. Perform other duties as assigned by Regional Superintendent of Schools or Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools. 



  1. Professional Educators License or Bachelor’s Degree in a related field 
  2. Competence in utilizing Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and Virtual Meeting Platforms
  3. Ability to lift and carry up to 20 lbs.
  4. Ability to push/pull up to 10 lbs.
  5. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills and an acceptable/courteous manner.
  6. Understanding and awareness of multicultural needs
  7. Ability to maintain a positive and collaborative relationship/attitude across all ROE programs.



Additional Notes

Position 1:  The work hours for this position are 4:30 - 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday per 200 day ROE Calendar, plus additional hours as determined by the Director of Adult Education for staff meetings and professional development.  The schedule is subject to change with ROE demands.  (If interested in two days a week, instead of four, please let us know through a letter of application.)


Position 2:  The work hours for this position are 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday per 200 day ROE Calendar, plus additional hours as determined by the Director of Adult Education for staff meetings and professional development.  The schedule is subject to change with ROE demands.  (If a combination of a Monday or Thursday works better, please let us know through a letter of application.)



How to Apply

Send Cover Letter and Resume to:

Margaret Segersten: msegersten@roe33.net or

932 Harrison Street

Galesburg, IL 61401

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