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Instructional Preparation, Implementation and Organization 

  • Applies principles of health-related fitness and training.
  • Applies techniques and procedures for developing and assessing health-related fitness.
  • Implements developmentally appropriate learning/practice opportunities based on learners’ motivation and skill level.
  • Organizes activities and techniques to evaluate learners’ progress in developing motor skills.
  • Plans activities that aid in promoting positive social attitudes and behaviors in group settings.
  • Articulates basic rules, etiquette and safety practices associated with individual and group sports.
  • Directs non-competitive activities and cooperative activities.
  • Incorporates historical, philosophical and social contexts of physical education.
  • Establishes appropriate criteria and selects tools for evaluation of a given program.
  • Uses concepts and strategies for effective instruction in the physical education program.
  • Follows safety practices, principles of emergency first aid, and equipment maintenance procedures.
  • Follows school policy and procedures regarding professional responsibilities when working with students, colleagues and friends.


 Displays appropriate written and verbal skills.

  • Uses effective written data systems.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Communicates effectively with students, parents, district and agency personnel.
  • Communicates necessary information verbally or via reports in a timely manner.
  • Keeps team members and administration appropriately informed.

  Management of Student Conduct 

  • Provides for health and safety of all students at all times.
  • Follows program disciplinary policies and procedures.
  • Uses appropriate behavior management techniques.
  • Responds to student needs and feelings in a firm, fair, friendly, sensitive and consistent manner.

 Professional Responsibilities 

  • Participates in professional growth opportunities.
  • Demonstrates appropriate teaming strategies.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of subject area.
  • Follows ECHO policies and procedures.
  • Displays flexibility.
  • Is accurate and punctual with reports, records and communication
  • Reports to all work assignments in a punctual and consistent manner.
  • Dresses in a professionally appropriate manner.
  • Conducts self in an ethical, appropriate manner and displays good judgment.
  • Performs all duties as assigned.

Maintains proper daily attendance and punctuality.


  • Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) w/Physical Educator Endorsement and Adapted P.E. Approval.                                            .
  • Knowledge of Illinois Learning and Professional Teaching
  • Standards.
  • Physical ability to work with students in the Physical
  • Education classes.
  • Physical ability to assist in crisis intervention process



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