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  1. Consults with parents, school staff and others to facilitate the growth and development of all students.


  1. Consults with appropriate individuals to implement and evaluate remedial plans in response to individual student needs.


  1. Assists in the screening of students who may be in need of more comprehensive assessments.


  1. Assists with the selection and/or administration of screening instruments and procedures.


  1. Conducts informal and formal behavioral observations of students in a variety of school settings.


  1. Assists in designing and implementing behavioral change programs for individual students.


  1. Assists school staff in designing specific prescriptions for remediation of problems of students referred for academic and/or social behavior difficulties.


  1. Conducts valid psycho-educational assessments as components of case study evaluation; meets federal guidelines and timelines in conducting evaluations.


  1. Develops and assists in the implementation of realistic intervention strategies consistent with the assessment data.


  1. Monitors intervention outcomes by maintaining contact with persons involved and modifying strategies as needed.


  1. Formulates psychological and psycho-educational conclusions and recommendations in a written report.


  1. Meets the multi-disciplinary team to interpret assessment results, develops recommendations and plans educational strategies.


  1. Communicates verbally and in written form the student’s present level of functioning and education needs in an understandable manner.



Performance Responsibilities…continued


  1. Meets with teachers, administrators, parents, and students to interpret assessment results and recommendations.


  1. Attends staff meetings and contributes to ongoing development of District programs though involvement with building and District committees.


  1. Strives to maintain and improve professional competence; demonstrates awareness of limitations and strengths, acknowledges recommendations, and sets goals for growth.


  1. Possesses and maintains current information concerning assessment procedures and instruments; demonstrates observable knowledge of theory and content in general education appropriate to elementary and secondary levels and all categories of special education.


  1. Treats personal information about students, parents or staff members confidentially and ethically by discussing such personal information only with individual having a demonstrable educational interest in the student.


  1. Maintains communication and positive relationships with students, colleagues, parents and community.


  1. Supports the Bloomington Public Schools, School District 87 and imparts a positive image of the District within the community.


  1. Uses appropriate channels of communication.


  1. Schedules multi-disciplinary conferences in cooperation with other staff members.


  1. Works cooperatively with other school personnel in the identification, diagnosis, and remediation of individual students with specialized needs.


Must have PEL from Illinois State Board of Education with School Psychologist endorsement.


The Salary Ranges from $44,299 - $98,979

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