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Wolcott School is looking for a full-time middle school special education teacher.

Special Education - Teacher

All teachers shall meet the requirements of a “Highly Qualified” teacher as described in TItle I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Teachers must also be LBS1 certified and be able to perform the essential functions of the district’s special education programming. 


This job description describes in general terms the normal duties that the teacher will be expected to perform. The job or duties as described, however, may vary or be amended from time to time without changing the level of responsibility associated with the job. Special education teachers work under the overall supervision of the Director of Student Services and the Building Principal. 


Special Education teachers are employed to implement special education services for a class and to provide direct assistance to students. Duties will vary depending upon the age of the students served as well as the nature and severity of the students’ disabilities.


Instruction Preparation and Organization

  • Identifies, selects and implements instructional goals based on evidence of student proficiency and also aligns instruction with established learning standards.
  • Modifies and adapts instruction to meet student needs.
  • Develops clearly structured unit plans aligned to established learning standards from which daily lessons are created.
  • Creates and executes instructional activities that demonstrate solid knowledge of content and prerequisite skills.
  • Uses developmentally appropriate teaching strategies that are differentiated and varied.
  • Uses a variety of questioning techniques that promote students’ use of higher level thinking skills and evokes student participation and intellectual engagement.
  • Organizes time, environment, materials and equipment to facilitate learning for every student.
  • Exhibits flexibility and collaboration with the multidisciplinary team when planning for instruction, students’ needs, and program needs. 
  • Provides direction for paraprofessionals.



  • Displays appropriate written and verbal skills.
  • Displays standards of honesty, integrity and confidentiality in interactions with colleagues, students, administration, and the public.
  • Communicates pertinent information verbally and/or via written report in a timely fashion.
  • Keeps team members and administration appropriately informed.
  • Communicates effectively with students, parents, district, and agency personnel.


Management of Conduct

  • Provides for the health and safety of all students at all times.
  • Follows program disciplinary policies and procedures.
  • Uses appropriate behavior management techniques and responds to student behavior maintaining respect for students’ dignity.
  • Participates in physical management as required in accordance with training procedures
  • Responds to students’ needs and feelings in a firm, fair, friendly, sensitive and consistent manner.


Professional Responsibilities

  • Participates in professional growth opportunities.
  • Demonstrates appropriate teaming strategies.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of subject areas
  • Participates in evaluation of paraprofessionals.
  • Follows the district policies and procedures.
  • Displays flexibility.
  • Is accurate and punctual with reports, records and communication.
  • Reports to all work assignments in a punctual and consistent manner.
  • Dresses in a professionally appropriate manner.
  • Conducts oneself in an ethical, appropriate manner and displays good judgment.
  • Performs all duties as assigned.


Standards and Quality Assurance

  • Must have a PEL with an LBS1 endorsement.
  • Be capable of physically assisting students with special needs as required (positioning, lifting, transferring, physical management (when trained) etc.)
  • Demonstrates the ability to work effectively under the direction of others.
  • Demonstrates the ability to work cooperatively with others.
  • Have the willingness to assume any responsibilities appropriate for the position.
  • Support the mission of the district and the student services department.
  • Behave and speak in a professional manner.
  • Attend staff and team meetings.
  • Be proactive in matters relating to health and safety.
  • All other duties assigned at the discretion of the administration.



Evaluation will take place in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.


Valid and registered Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) with LBS I endorsement along with ability to meet all pre-employment requirements and clear ISBE mandated background checks.


Regionally competitive.

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