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12-month, full-time position for the 2022-2023 school year. The assistant principalship is an administrative position which assumes various duties and responsibilities assigned by the principal. The assistant principal provides additional opportunity for instructional improvement and leadership at the school site.


Primary Responsibilities:

MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Demonstrates planning and organizational skills. Maintains a clean, safe and secure environment for all personnel. Makes assignments of duties for all certificated and classified staff members working in the building. Participates in the planning of expansions and modifications of the building. Implements strategies and systems to manage conflict. Interprets Board policies and legal requirements to staff. Utilizes effective time management techniques. 

LEADERSHIP: Demonstrates skills in motivating others to achieve common goals. Delegates and encourages self direction when appropriate. Invites participation in the decision-making process. Utilizes various approaches to attain a positive school climate. Facilitates groups in selecting courses of action through problem-solving techniques. Utilizes a variety of group process skills in interaction with the staff, parents, and students Demonstrates skill in working as a team member.

PERSONNEL: Demonstrates skills in supervision and/or working with others. Follows a plan of supervision and evaluation for all certificated and classified personnel for which he/she has supervisory responsibility Works cooperatively with the personnel office in the selection, transfer, retention or dismissal of district employees. Implements staff development plan which provides support and assistance for staff in improving their skills and accomplishing school and district priorities.


INSTRUCTION: Maintains a climate conducive to learning. Utilizes clinical supervision and evaluation for the improvement of instruction. Demonstrates an ability to assist others in the application of effective teaching and learning principles. Employees strategies designed to promote effective use of learning time. Utilizes services of directors, coordinators, resource persons and outside agencies in solving instructional problems. Assists staff with the use of test data to evaluate instructional programs and monitor student progress. Supervises and monitors programs for exceptional children.


COMMUNICATIONS: Promotes interaction between or among staff, students and community and expresses a clear vision for the school that is compatible with District goals. Fosters good communications between parents, teachers and students concerning student progress. Uses a variety of group process skills in staff and community interactions. Creates a climate of high expectations in the school, characterized by a tone of respect and recognition for teachers, students, parents and community. Engages in accurate and sensitive two-way communications. Demonstrates coherence in oral and written communications. Stays current and informed on District directions related to policy, curriculum instruction and staff development.


Requirements: Hold a professional educator license with administrative endorsement:  principal. General administrative and organizational ability. Ability to deal with the public tactfully and courteously and to work harmoniously with others. Ability to make plans and decisions in accordance with established policies and procedures. High degree of personal and professional interest to be a school administrator.


Excellent compensation and benefits package.

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