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Job Summary: 

Under general supervision, the employee will:

  • Guide pupil progress towards established district standards; implement best-practice instructional techniques and strategies; adhere to curricular objectives; sustain an engaging and supportive learning environment; and demonstrate professional responsibilities. 


Duties and Responsibilities

The criterion indicated below are intended to describe various types of work that may be performed.  The exclusion of specific responsibilities does not prohibit them if the work is similar, related, or a logical task of the position. 


Planning, Preparation and instruction 

  • Aligns content of lessons to common curricular goals, content standards, and benchmark standards. 
  • Lessons include authentic, real work applications of knowledge and understanding.
  • Works in collaboration with all staff to problem solve and to identify innovative, practical, and effective differentiation and remediation strategies to meet student learning needs. 
  • Plans for assessment of student learning, both formative and summative and communicates results via written and oral methods. 
  • Utilizes student data to inform instruction. 
  • Honors and ensures that legal mandates are integrated effectively into the classroom setting wherever applicable as laid forth by both 504 and IEP plans. 
  • Maintains accurate records of critical student information such as allergies, behaviors, and medical conditions and is aware of the care required. 
  • Prepares clear, detailed and organized lesson plans for substitute teachers including student emergency medical information. 


Classroom Environment/Management 

  • Maintains a safe, student centered classroom, which supports students’ learning, collaboration and choice. 
  • Develops a positive classroom culture that emphasizes respect for individual differences and expects all students to achieve at high levels. 
  • Develops effective classroom procedures and routines. 
  • Establishes classroom standards of conduct and clear consequences. 


  • Timely and informative communication with parents regarding curriculum and classroom expectations. 
  • Responds to parent inquiries that come in a variety of formats in a timely manner in line with district expectations. 
  • Establishes age appropriate, respectful dialogue with students which includes, but is not limited to, various forms of both written and oral communication. 
  • Effectively and collaboratively communicates with colleague and engages in respectful discourse. 
  • Where applicable, ensures community stakeholder access to general information regarding classroom events, performance, and progress via appropriate traditional and social media formats. 
  • Responsible for maintaining dialogue with specialty and special education staff to address a variety of student needs including but not limited to behavior, academic, and social/emotional learning. 


  • Appropriately integrates prescribed technology/instructional media to enhance instruction and learning. 
  • Understands legal, ethical and social issues as they apply to responsible and acceptable use of the Internet and other digital resources. 
  • Provides for safe storage and proper use of technology materials, equipment and tools. 
  • Keeping current and up-to-date as technology evolves. 
  • Use of resources for adaptive/assistive devices that provide access for all students. 



  • Involved in ongoing self-assessment and refinement of practice in the classroom as well as collaborative professional growth.
  • Attends staff, department, mentor/mentee and in-service meeting as required by contract. 
  • Communicates and works collaboratively to support and create partnerships with colleagues. 
  • Maintain organized data of students’ growth including academic and social/emotional development. 


Licensure: Professional Educator License (PEL)

Endorsement: Self-Contained General Education K-9, Self-Contained General Education K-3, and/or Self-Contained General 

Education Birth to Grade 3 

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