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Position Title: School Psychologist
Department: Student Support Services
Reports to: Director of Student Support Services

Full-time, 9 month position
To provide comprehensive school psychological services to parents, teachers, children and administrators in the Student Support Services department.
1.   Provides individualized child study in the areas of intellectual ability, education achievement, and social/emotional adjustment.
2.   Provides recommendations to school personnel for education remediation, special class eligibility determination, and behavioral intervention.
3.   The school psychologist shall assist students directly toward adjustment to school.
4.   Conducts individual, group, or facilitative therapy for student whose diagnosed problem would benefit from behavior modification.
5.   Participates in case conference when referred students are involved, or as requested.
6.   Participates in RTI and other Student Support Services interventions.
7.   Attends multi-disciplinary staff conferences.
8.   Provides follow-up of student progress and home/school adjustment.
9.   Provides consultation services to parents, teachers, school personnel, and community agencies.
10. Participates in in-service training for staff members.
11. Supervises training of school psychologist interns.
12. Keeps informed of new developments in the field.
13. The psychologist will participate with the administrative team regarding general Principal, Department Head and Student Support Services meetings.
14. Performs all duties necessary to the position and such other duties as may be fixed by the Superintendent.
1.   Holds a master’s degree in Psychology.
2.   Hold an IL Professional Educator License (PEL) with a School Support Personnel Endorsement in School Psychology.
3.   Must be familiar with the use of computers including but not limited to electronic mail, the Internet, word processing, and electronic spreadsheets (Microsoft Office).
4.   Establish and maintain effective and courteous working relationships with those contacted in the course of work (students, parents, and staff).
5.   Ability to understand and follow basic oral and written instructions.
6.   Ability to communicate to students, parents and staff in an acceptable/courteous manner.
The schedule is subject to change with Student Support Services department demands in compliance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled
Interested candidates should apply online at www.ksd111.org

Ms. Shemeka Fountain
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources


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