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North Cook Young Adult Academy is an alternative program that supports school districts in northern Cook County Illinois. The program services students in grades 6 through 12. The North Cook Young Adult Academy's Mission is to embrace second chances through alternative educational opportunities. This position reports to the Principal.


Instruction/Classroom Teaching

  • Implements the individualized program established for each student in his/her Alternative Education Program (AEP)
  • Through the use of an approved curriculum, provides instruction in specific skill areas to a diverse student population
  • Prepares appropriate supplemental instructional materials and experiences which will enhance learning opportunities for all students
  • Assesses student learning
  • Utilizes a variety of teaching techniques/modalities
  • Engages students in the learning process

Professional Responsibilities

  • Holds students accountable for their academic performance
  • Maintains up-to-date and accurate records, including, but not limited to: a grade book, contact log sheets, progress reports, and report cards
  • Prepares for and participates in parent/teacher conferences
  • Communicates with parents about student progress
  • Serves as primary contact for parents of homeroom students
  • Attends all staff meetings and professional development seminars
  • Fully and consistently adheres to all policies and procedures delineated in the North Cook Young Adult Academy Policy Manual and the NCISC Policy Manual
  • Fulfills other responsibilities, as assigned by supervisory personnel

Learning Environment

  • Supports fellow staff members
  • Assists students in feeling vested in their own learning processes
  • Holds students accountable for their behavioral performance
  • Assists with behavior management when not teaching classes
  • Implements behavior management plans
  • Maintains a learning environment (classroom and school)

Work Hours

  • All NCYAA Staff must follow a 7½ hour work day
  • The school day is from 7:15AM to 2:45PM; Students’ hours are 8:45AM to 2:25PM


Applicants for the teacher position must have earned a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university and must have a valid and current Illinois Educator License with an endorsement in General Science or other area of Science. Preference will be given to candidates who possess special competencies that will enhance the quality of the North Cook Young Adult Academy program. These specialized competencies may include multiple Illinois State teaching certifications and/or experience working in innovative programs with a proven record of success.


Compensation for the full-time position of Science Teacher will be based on the applicant's experience. This is a TRS position. This position offers full benefits which include: health, vision, dental and life insurance.

The NCYAA serves our at-risk youth, their families, and their school districts. The NCYAA family takes great pride in its compassionate academic and social & emotional service to its students and families. The North Cook Young Adult Academy is an equal opportunity employer.

Additional Notes

This position is for the 2024-25 school year.

Here is the .pdf file of the Science Teacher job description.

How to Apply

Individuals interested in applying for this position must complete North Cook's online application in its entirety and include a personalized cover letter describing the applicant’s skills and reason that they believe that they would be an ideal candidate for this position, resume, and a list of at least three professional references.

Link to District/Third Party Online Application Web Page


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