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Job Description
Speech Language Pathologist

Application Instructions:

Speech Language Pathologist



Professional Educator License: Endorsement as Speech Language Pathologist or Endorsement as Speech Language Pathologist (non- teaching).
Masters Degree from an ASHA-accredited university/college
Current Illinois State License for Speech Pathology/Audiology
ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence preferred


Executive and/or Assistant Director of Special Education and Program Administrator


Utilizing leadership, advocacy, and collaboration, school-based speech-language pathologists provide prevention, assessment, and remediation services for students who exhibit difficulties in theareas of language, speech, voice, and fluency. These services aredesigned to help children meet their educational goals.


A. Planning and Preparation


1. Organizes a program that addresses local school speech-language goals.
2. Works cooperatively with school personnel to establish and accomplish the goals and objectives of the local education agency.
3. Coordinates speech-language services with student services provided by other school personnel.
4. Maintains records of the speech-language program and prepares periodic reports as required.
5. Maintains current files and data for program planning and decision making for students.
6. Completes procedural documentation appropriately.
7. Develops appropriate IEPs based on students’ strengths and needs.
8. Selects and implements evidence-based practices which support the goals and objectives of the speech and language program.


B. Classroom Environment


1. Establishes and maintains orderly classroom behavior on an individual or group basis.
2. Arranges therapy environment to create optimum learning conditions.
3. Manages the facilities, materials and equipment, including assistive technology, necessary to the delivery of services.
4. Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.


C. Instruction


1. Assesses students’ communication skills for the purpose of identifying communication disorders, determining program eligibility, and developing recommendations for treatment.
2. Conducts speech and language screenings and/or classroom observations according to best practice to determine the need of interventions and/or speech/language evaluation.
3. Provides speech and language therapy to students for purpose of minimizing adverse effect of speech and language disorders on student success.
4. Provides research based interventions as appropriate as a component of the RtI process.
5. Implements the service delivery model most appropriate to the students’ degree of severity.
6. Provides activities commensurate with students’ interests and aptitudes.
7. Modifies therapeutic instructional approaches and other functions from data gathered during therapy.


D. Professional Responsibilities


1. Provides consultation to parents, teacher and other appropriate school personnel.
2. Seeks the assistance of teachers, parents and others to meet the communication needs of students.
3. Consults/communicates with non-school agencies to enhance services.
4. Manages time efficiently.
5. Meets accepted standards of professional behavior.
6. Engages in continuing education and professional growth activities related to speech-language-hearing and education (i.e. participates in professional
meetings/conferences, reviews current speech, language, and hearing literature, and applies knowledge gained from continuing education, etc.)
7. Observes all Southern Will County Cooperative for Special Education (SOWIC) policies and procedures.
8. The therapist exhibits professionalism and commitment through punctuality and attendance.
9. Performs other duties as assigned by the SOWIC administration.
10. Participate in events outside of the regularly scheduled work day such as orientation, open houses, or conferences
11. Demonstrate the ability to perform physical tasks associated with job.
12. Demonstrate the ability to perform activities that utilize the necessary technology tools available including web -based data systems.


E. Evaluation
Formal and informal observations and conferences shall occur as needed or desired by the professional staff member or Executive Director of SOWIC, Assistant Director, and Program Administrator and shall be an ongoing process.


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