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Reporting to the Director, supervises staff; manages department work stream(s) including but not limited to data collections, data reporting, ad hoc data and analysis requests, and data visualizations, data quality improvement efforts, and identifying and streamlining inefficient processes.

  • Manages department work streams and responsibilities such as reports (discipline, educator supply and demand report, etc.), collections (EIS, student health, etc.), ad hoc data requests (FOIA, Governor, research analysis, data sharing agreements, etc.), and data visualizations (power bi, etc.).
  • Supervises staff.
  • Assists in mentoring and training new employees.
  • Plans, assigns/reassigns, prioritizes, and reviews work assignments.
  • Approves/denies use of benefit time.
  • Establishes annual goals and objectives.
  • Completes and signs performance evaluations.
  • Provides technical guidance and direction.
  • Counsels staff.
  • Presents documentation of just cause for disciplinary action to the Director of Human Resources.
  • Collaborates with other agency departments and outside stakeholders regarding data quality practices (data governance, data quality dashboard, ILDS, data sharing review board, etc.).
  • Collaborates with the Director as well as other department staff to develop and improve agency and department processes.
  • Works with department Director on various operational projects (budget, staff training, invoice management, vendor contract management, department travel, etc.).
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Degree or coursework exhibiting quantitative content. Degree examples include data science, mathematics, statistics, computer science, or economics. (COPY OF TRANSCRIPTS REQUIRED AT TIME OF APPLICATION)
  • Experience with leading or managing cross-functional teams. 
  • Experience with compiling data from a database using SQL, SAS, or R.
  • Experience managing projects and delivering outcomes on time. 
  • Experience with data analysis. 
  • Strong written and oral communication skills and ability to convey complex data concepts to non-technical audience. 
  • Strong listening skills and attention to detail. 
  • Strong data visualization skills. 
  • Ability to use data to solve problems and draw valid conclusions. 
  • Ability to use SQL, SAS, or R.
  • Commitment to public service and equity in public schools.

  • Master's degree or graduate coursework exhibiting quantitative content. Degree examples include data science, mathematics, statistics, computer science, or economics.


Data Strategies & Analytics
$75,395 - $99,899
$75,395 - $124,402
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

How to Apply

To view full posting and apply electronically, please visit SUPERVISOR. Interested parties must submit the required application, cover letter, resume, and transcripts (unofficial until recommended for hire). The subject line should include the position number(s) you are applying for.

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