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Job Description:

  1. Understands theoretical models and philosophies of literacy, relevance to instruction, as well as the scope and sequences of literacy instruction at all developmental levels.
  2. Demonstrates understanding of the construction of reading assessments, and administers, as appropriate, local and state reading tests, benchmarking assessments, and progress monitoring tools to show student growth and progress in reading.
  3. Understands diagnostic models of literacy that include student proficiency with print conventions, word recognition/analysis, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, self- monitoring, and motivation and uses appropriate assessments to identify students experiencing reading difficulties.
  4. Determines students' reading levels (independent, instructional, frustration) and develops, designs, implements, and evaluates effective reading interventions for small groups and individuals with mild to severe learning problems related to literacy.
  5. Monitors student proficiency closely to assess the effectiveness of instructional strategies used with students, making appropriate adjustments to increase achievement.
  6. Collaborates effectively with colleagues and support staff in assessing, planning, adapting, and delivering reading instruction.
  7. Reads and interprets research and exemplary practices in literacy, applying them to decisions about assessment, curriculum, instruction, material selection, and programs.
  8. Guides the evaluation and selection of instructional materials, including textbooks, trade books, materials for students with special needs, and appropriate technology.
  9. Participates in the design and implementation of the Title I program, as well as early intervention, summer school, and after school programs.
  10. Provides professional development support to classroom teachers, and models best practice literacy strategies and instruction with students in all educational settings.]
  11. Collaborates to support curricular goals, identify resources, build effective partnerships with community members, agencies, and universities, and design effective staff development activities in the area of literacy.
  12. Maintains records of student referrals and identification, assessment and progress monitoring, and parent communication as required by program regulations.
  13. Facilitates home-school connection through communication including individual conferences, written communications, parent inservices, or other meetings/events (seeks administrative support for childcare, translation services, etc. as appropriate).
  14. Respects confidentiality and maintains accurate and complete records as required by law, district policy and administrative regulation.
  15. Performs all assigned duties, serves on building or district committees, and attends staff meetings as may be requested or as established by school policy or collective bargaining agreement.
  16. Adheres to the published policies and procedures of the district.
  17. Performs such other not specifically enumerated duties as may be requested by the Board of Education, superintendent, and principal or established by the School Code.


Qualifications: -                   

  • Reading Specialist Certificate required. 
  • Bilingual preferred, but not required. 
  • Good interpersonal skills, collaborative, ability maintain confidentiality, high expectations for primary age students, experience working with young children preferred. 
  • Data analysis skills a plus. 
  • Experience with spreadsheets and data entry a plus.
  • Passion for Working with Primary Grade Students (Sincere Love for Children)
  • Highest Respect for Diversity
  • Desire to Work with Highly Collaborative Team
  • Insistent upon High Standards and High Expectations

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