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Responsibilities of the successful candidate will include:

1. Create a positive learning environment for all students in both instructional, co-taught, and intervention settings.
2. Lead a student-centered classroom where assessment, assignments, instruction, and interactions are intentional and focused on student learning.
3. Engage as a member of the staff who demonstrates teamwork, cooperation, and supporting one another.
4. Communicate effectively with various stakeholders throughout the district including staff, administrators, students, and parents.
5. Actively participate in opportunities for professional growth in reference to the current teaching assignment.
6. Actively participate on horizontal (grade level), vertical (content area), and department teaming efforts to align curriculum, instruction, and assessments.
7. Actively participates with assessment team and special education leaders
8. Effectively oversee all aspects of SPED Case Management including paperwork, meeting preparation, meeting facilitation, documentation, and meeting timelines.
9. Effectively engages in building relationships with students and families 



* Holds current IL teaching license with LBS1 endorsement for grades 9-12 (or articulates specific plan to obtain licensure).
* Demonstrates excellent skills in organization, meeting timelines, and communication.
* Strength in working as part of a grade level team, building teams, and with families
* Able to use technology in planning, instruction, and management activities.


SALARY AND FRINGE BENEFITS: In accordance with the EPGEA contract

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