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JOB TITLE: Special Education Administrator
1. Hold a valid administrator license issued by Illinois State Board of Education and registered with the
Regional Office of Education
2. Minimum of 3 years of verifiable, successful experience working with students with disabilities
3. Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
4. Strong work habits and ethics
5. Ability to develop effective working relationships with administrators, staff and school community
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 190 Days (Additional days may be required dependent upon assignment)
REPORTS TO: Director or Designee
ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES: The Special Education Administrator is a first level administrator responsible for
supervision of all Tri-County Special Education Joint Agreement staff assigned to their geographic area. This
includes all staff assigned to a specific building within a given school district. Additionally the Sp. Ed.
Administrator is responsible for taking a lead role at the district level in all special education meetings. This
includes but is not limited to: ensuring that appropriate documentation is completed for Individual Education
Programs and FACTS data, assisting districts with special ed. legal issues (ISBE Indicator Findings, state
complaints, resolution meetings, mediation due process, etc.), and provision of in-service/professional
development related to special ed. issues to TCSE/district staff.
1. Provide effective leadership in developing/implementing comprehensive plans for TCSE programs.
a. Determine priorities, formulate goals, and evaluate effectiveness of programs.
b. Assign responsibilities to others in accordance with licensure and skills.
c. Plan, implement, and encourage staff in-service programs.
d. Respond promptly and appropriately to requests for assistance.
e. Provide long-range planning based on program needs.
f. Plan, organize, and preside over program meetings on a regularly scheduled basis.
2. Provide recommendations to administrators concerning program personnel.
a. Participate in interviewing and personnel employment decisions.
b. Participate in assignment of and scheduling of staff.
c. Observe and evaluate program personnel.
d. Recommend corrective action concerning assigned district and TCSE Joint Agreement staff.
e. Assist in training of new personnel, substitutes, and volunteers.
f. Recommend and assist in the implementation of staff development activities.
3. Assist in determining staff development needs and facilitate the implementation of staff development
a. Ascertain staff developments needs through needs assessment activities.
Sp. Ed. Administrator- 2 -3
b. Implement staff development activities by providing assistance in the selection of topic, presenter,
materials, meeting dates and places, and estimation of cost.
c. Assist in the development of individual performance improvement plans.
d. Provide staff with information about available activities and resources.
4. Serve as liaison between school system and community as well as local, state, and federal agencies.
a. Use public relations techniques to explain school programs to the community.
b. Inform school personnel about available community resources.
c. Represent Tri-County Special Ed. on appropriate school system committees.
d. Work with school, parents, and community personnel to accomplish joint goals.
5. Demonstrate professional ethics.
a. Maintain confidentiality.
b. Cooperate with other personnel to achieve goals.
c. Evidence commitment to the program.
6. Plan and accomplish personal professional growth objectives.
a. Participate in professional meetings, workshops, and conferences.
b. Seek performance feedback.
c. Serve on committees and panels.
d. Serve as consultant to other groups.
1. Demonstrate knowledge of and adhere to Federal, State, and TCSE Policies and Procedures.
2. Maintain punctuality and regular attendance.
3. Complete reports and records accurately and promptly.
4. Maintain appropriate/respectful communications with colleagues, parents/guardians, district
5. Takes steps toward self-improvement. (Attend/participate in all mandatory meetings/trainings,
participate in in-service activities, seek out/attend professional development opportunities required to
maintain professional licensure)
6. Participate in the ongoing assessment of his/her performance and accept/profit from constructive
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: (Will be governed under the Americans With Disabilities Act.)
1. Physically capable of lifting, pushing, or pulling up to 50 pounds.
2. Physically capable of lifting, positioning and/or restraining students according to program guidelines.
3. Pass the CPI certificate test upon hire and pass required CPI training updates if involved with programs
that require physical intervention.
4. Must be able to speak, hear, see, and write.
5. Tasks require extensive use of hands including repetitive gripping, grasping, lifting, and manipulation of
equipment necessary to perform duties.
1. Demonstrate effective use of required and available technology/programs. Use technology to enhance
productivity and professional practices including word processing, database, spreadsheet,
Sp. Ed. Administrator- 3 -3
telecommunications and print/graphic utilities, class attendance, Individual Education Plan (IEP)
programs. (Microsoft Office, Google Applications, etc.)
1. Visit assigned classes on a regular basis and address program/classroom concerns in a timely manner.
2. Review caseloads/class lists for accuracy.
3. Encourage/facilitate teacher collaboration. (Opportunities to observe other teachers, field trips, units,
materials, techniques, behavior modification programs.)
4. Keep the Director and office staff informed of changes within programs, classrooms and /or individual
5. Participate in updating curriculum for Tri-County programs.
6. Assist teachers in development of all components of individualized education plans.
7. Participate in special education meetings for students in assigned districts.
8. Promote continuity of programs from one level to the next.
9. Promote child-find activities/participate in screening team meetings as needed.
10. Provide in-service to special education teachers and Educational Support Personnel on an ongoing basis.
11. Provide opportunities for training for general education teachers who have students with disabilities in
their classrooms.
12. Continue to update personal knowledge base concerning Special Education Law.
13. Observe/assess student learning environment when requested.
14. Interview and recommend assignments of candidates for local district special education teaching
positions and Tri-County personnel as requested.
15. Make recommendations about changes in assignment as needed to address program/student needs.
16. Evaluate TCSE staff as assigned.
17. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director/Immediate Supervisor.

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