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  1. Communicates expectations for high levels of learning by students
  2. Assess students’ knowledge and skills
  3. Specifies lesson purposes and learning objectives
  4. Provides learning tasks of appropriate difficulty level for the students
  5. Relates new content to previously presented material and to students’ prior knowledge
  6. Teaches clearly, audibly, precisely and fluently while keeping to the topic
  7. Instructs with a variety of methods: lecture, modeling, demonstrating, experimenting, role playing, eliciting
  8. Teaches accurate principles, concepts, rationale, and applications as well as specific content
  9. Provides students with prompt feedback on their learning, performance, and progress
  10. Requires students to recall, explain, compare, contrast and evaluate information
  11. Provides students with prompt and appropriate feedback on their learning, performance and progress
  12. Re-teaches as necessary
  13. Summarizes the main points of the lesson, brings closure, and explains what will be taught next
  14. Encourages student input for improvement of instruction


  1. Establishes procedures for routine classroom management matters, communicates those procedures to students, and elicits feedback from students regarding their understanding of those procedures
  2. Completes lesson plans in accordance with the EEA collective bargaining agreement, Article III, Section I and Board Policy No. 403
  3. Distributes materials and supplies necessary for an instructional lesson in a timely manner
  4. Starts students on tasks quickly and assures efficient transitions between activities
  5. Maintains a high level of time-on-task for all students
  6. Monitors student behavior continuously, encouraging appropriate behavior and addresses inappropriate behavior



  1. Interacts with students in a mutually respectful manner
  2. Expresses verbal enthusiasm for the lesson and student participation
  3. Praises students for learning accomplishments, on-task behaviors and appropriate conduct
  4. Gives all students opportunities to ask questions, contribute, and otherwise participate in class activities


  1. Teaches the approved curriculum of the district
  2. Maintains punctuality and regular attendance
  3. Completes reports and records accurately and promptly
  4. Maintains appropriate communications with colleagues for planning and teaching
  5. Maintains accurate and helpful communication with students and parents
  6. Takes steps toward self-improvement
  7. Carries out other duties as assigned by supervisors


Contingent Upon:  Board Approval


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Appropriate Illinois Licensure - Computer Science Endorsement
  • Multiple certifications preferred
  • Superior work habits and ethics
  • Excellent communications skills (written & verbal)
  • Ability to work well with students, faculty and parents
  • Ability to perform duties as outlined

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master's in Computer Science
  • Ability to teach AP courses/dual credit courses



to be determined by collective bargaining agreement

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