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1. Work cooperatively with staff of other agencies providing coordination of services and to implement programs, policies, and procedures within the Phoenix Program.

2. Supervise all Phoenix Program staff, taking care that all program components are properly coordinated.


3. Participate in the recruitment and selection of staff in the Phoenix Program and evaluate all staff. Assist in evaluation of Bethany Staff as requested by Bethany Administration.

4. Be the local community liaison for daily programmatic affairs dealing with the Phoenix Program.

5. Be responsible for refining the performance and program expectations of the Phoenix Program.

6. Be responsible for implementation of rules, regulations, philosophies and standards as defined by federal, state, and local agencies as directed.

7. See that all IEP’s for the Phoenix Program placements are properly written and correctly implemented.

8. Monitor high school graduation requirements of all involved high schools and coordinate with guidance counselors and Special Education department chairs to insure students work toward diploma requirements.

9. Work with districts, BHASED Coordinators, and other representatives on Phoenix referrals, in or out of the program. Identify and refer to outside agencies as appropriate.

10. Provide interagency assistance, referral, and technical assistance to school personnel, agency personnel and the community.

11. Plan and implement in-service training and educational programs for the staff in the Phoenix Program.

12. Participate in interagency conferences and conventions when required.

13. Be responsible for budgeted programmatic expenditures pertaining to Phoenix Program under the Director of BHASED.

14. Keep informed of the current professional trends and development through the reading of literature and attendance at professional meetings and workshops.

15. Evaluate program/facility and plan for the long-range future of the Phoenix Program.

16. Report directly to the Director/designee of the BHASED and meet regularly with them to plan and modify the Phoenix Program.

17. Oversee and coordinate any consultant staff assigned to Phoenix Program.

18. Oversee and supervise janitorial, maintenance, and food service. Provide supervision and oversight of building and grounds issues.

19. Carry out other duties as may be assigned by the Director.


Must have a valid ISBE General Administrative License or Principal License and special education license. Knowledge and training in the area of trauma-informed practices.

A background in special education and experience working with children with behavior and emotional disorders is preferred.


Regionally competitive, based on education and related work experience. 

How to Apply

Please complete application at the following link and submit a resume and letter of interest; or email your resume and cover letter to cschrader@bhased.org

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