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  1. Assess strengths and weaknesses of referred students through appropriate testing and diagnostic practices.
  2. Assess and make recommendations for all identified exceptional students on a re-evaluation schedule.
  3. Help identify within the school, all types of exceptional children, using the Consultation Team and case study process.
  4. Maintain case records on all referred students in accordance with the Cooperative procedure and Rules and Regulations of Special Education.
  5. Conduct individual or group therapy for children whose diagnosed problems would benefit from psychological counseling.
  6. Confer with teachers and parents, when necessary, for the purpose of education and development of understanding.
  7. Consult on educational needs of students and make recommendations for instructional program.
  8. Conduct multidisciplinary conferences for Initial Evaluations and Reevaluations.
  9. Serve as a consultant on mental health needs of students with teachers and other school personnel.
  10. Interpret test results to school personnel, other concerned professionals, parents, and the student.
  11. Prepare and submit required reports on evaluated students.
  12. Attend case conferences on placement of individual students, when requested.
  13. Participate in screening referrals via Consultation Team Process.
  14. May participate in pre-school/kindergarten screening.
  15. Cooperate with personnel of community agencies, when necessary, to meet the needs of students.
  16. Attend staff, professional, and interagency meetings.
  17. Assist with in-service training of school personnel, when requested.
  18. Maintain open communication and cooperate with District and Cooperative administration.
  19. Follow the schedule as devised in conjunction with the Special Education Director.
  20. Develop his/her own professional growth through reading, workshops, in-services, conferences, and/or advanced coursework.
  21. Maintain a high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students.


Perform other duties, as necessary, to provide psychology services as assigned by the Director of Special Education.


Type 73 certificate from State of Illinois or approval and ability to be certified in the State of Illinois. Masters Degree from NCATE program/field of school psychology. Required internship. Other qualifications as the administration may find appropriate and acceptable.


Our salary is regionally competitive with a 15% responsibility factor and excellent benefits.

How to Apply

Applicants should complete an application for employment that is located on the Cooperative website:


Please contact Sarah Moore with specific questions regarding the position (815) 624-2615.

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