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The paraprofessional is responsible to the CTE classroom teacher, building principal and Career and Technical Education Director when appropriate.  The paraprofessional is responsible for assisting students to improve their academic performance.  The CTE paraprofessional is responsible for administering, supervising and monitoring written and computerized assessments (classroom, district, standardized), small group instruction-remedial, tutorial and record keeping.  The CTE paraprofessional also instructs small groups under the direction of teachers, coordinating movement of students in and out of centers and prepare material for students.  The CTE paraprofessional will communicate daily with cooperating teachers and provide student assistance during teacher instruction.  The CTE paraprofessional will perform any other duties as assigned by the CTE teacher, building principal, and Career and Technical Education Director.  The primary duties of the paraprofessional must always be in assisting students to improve their academic performance.


High school diploma, 60 semester hours of college credits and Paraprofessional license issued by the State of Illinois. 


Salary established by the Board and according to the approved paraprofessional salary schedule

How to Apply

Candidates should send resume and cover letter that is tailored to one of the CTE Paraprofessional areas above to Tiffany Pearce, Chief Business Officer/Recruitment , pearcety@cusd187.org

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