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TITLE: Head Coach at Alton High School


JOB SUMMARY/PURPOSE:   To perform on and off-season duties for the athletic program


  1. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Must possess a teaching certificate or be ASEP certified. Must pass ACUSD #11 background check and drug test and complete all necessary forms for employment.

Knowledge/Skills: Be competent and understand the basic skills of the individual sport.


            Examples of Work Performed:

  1. Preseason
  1. Size and order uniforms and equipment.
  2. Distribute uniforms and orders.
  3. Plan, organize and coach summer practices
  4. Plan and receive administrative approval for several fundraisers to defray the athlete’s costs.
  5. Manage and distribute sports schedules.
  6. Complete IHSA on line rules review and NFHS concussion training.
  7. Provide first aid for students; maintain emergency procedures.


  1. Tryouts
  1. Post information at the high school.
  2. Hold informational meetings for parents and participants.
  3. Keep track of applications, teacher recommendations, physical forms, proof of insurance and attendance for all applicants.
  4. Set up and manage tryouts.


  1. Season
  1. Follows all state, league, federation, building and District guidelines, procedures, and policies.
  2. Hold parent meetings
  3. Order buses for the different activities.
  4. Insure all in and out of district travel forms are complete.
  5. Distribute uniforms and keep documentation by inventory or fine cards.
  6. Manage, supervise and attend all practices.
  7. Complete, maintain and insure compliance with IHSA eligibility rosters starting 5 days prior to the first eligible contest.
  8. Submit a list of all transfer students participating to the Athletic Director to insure a transfer of eligibility is submitted to IHSA. This should be done within the first two days of practice.
  9. Attend all assigned games home and away including post season.
  10. Organize additional fundraisers throughout the year.
  11. Develop routines for assigned sports assemblies.
  12. Develop materials and attend pep rally.
  13. Organize and participate in all Homecoming activities. (Fall Sports)
  14. Maintain activities that promote school spirit.
  15. Keep accurate records throughout the season including attendance and athlete’s grades.
  16. Stats must be current, up to date and reported within two days after contest to STL Prep Sports.
  17. Attend to IHSA post season online forms.
  18. Manage and discipline all athletes throughout the year. (with respect to their current sport)
  19. Maintain parental contact.
  20. Assist athlete with college recruitment process.



  1. Post-Season
  1. Collect, wash, repair and store uniforms.
  2. Complete inventory report and submit it within two weeks of the end of the season.
  3. Submit fine cards to the Athletic Director’s Office Professional.
  4. Assist with hosting an event to distribute letters and awards.
  5. Assess and evaluate the year and plan improvements for the next year.
  6. Attend Post Athletic Evaluation meeting with the Athletic Director.


Depends on experience

How to Apply

Fill out an application from our district website and send to kkinder@altonschools.org.

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5/29/2024 12:20:23 PM