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To ensure that the learning community is provided opportunities and resources in a positive, nurturing, safe learning environment. To insure the uninterrupted and comfortable operation of all school plants, ensuring that standards of cleanliness, sanitation, safety and security are met.


  1. Supervises all departmental personnel for whom he/she is responsible. 
  2. Obtains or renews contracts and prepares specifications to secure quotes and bids as they relate to district facilities, and copying services. 
  3. Directs and supervises the district copying services including personnel, hardware and contracts, bids and communications. 
  4. Acts as liaison between parents and the Administration for suggestions, concerns or complaints regarding District facilities. 
  5. Keeps informed of and interprets all laws, regulations, statutes, rules and policies affecting the district facilities, and copying services. 
  6. Assists with the purchasing of district supplies, equipment and services. 
  7. Assists with the inventory control program for the district building contents, supplies and other equipment 
  8. Prepares drafts of needed Board policies, administrative rules and status reports for the Superintendent’s review and action 
  9. Evaluates and recommends to the Superintendent the recruitment, employment, assignment, transfer, demotion or dismissal of custodial, maintenance staff, groundskeepers facilities support, office staff and copy assistants.


  1. Responsible for the overall planning, scheduling, performance and documentation of a comprehensive maintenance program that encompasses all District facilities and equipment. 
  2. Oversees all maintenance, environmental and life safety inspections and reports as may be required by local, county, state or federal authorities (e.g. life safety, asbestos, fire inspections, sprinklers, etc.) 
  3. Establishes appropriate maintenance, grounds keeping, safety, security and custodial procedures for all District facilities and supervises their implementation. 
  4. Inspects all school buildings, grounds and installations on a regular basis to determine that high standards of workmanship, cleanliness, safety/health, and security are maintained, recommends additions, changes or reductions in service as appropriate. 
  5. Supervises and inspects the improvement and renovation work performed by outside contractors, and that the terms of all such contracts have been fulfilled before authorizing final payment. 
  6. Supervises the maintenance of all District-owned equipment and develops plans for preventive maintenance. 
  7. Keeps abreast of the latest trends, developments and products in the areas of maintenance, repair and upkeep and encourages innovation as appropriate.  
  8. Assists the Associate Superintendent of Business Services in preparing and administering budgets for maintenance of buildings and grounds, security, custodial supplies, services and equipment. 
  9. Establishes detailed specifications pertaining to the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment and outside contractor services. 
  10. Assists with an inventory control system for all District furniture, equipment and capitalized assets. 
  11. Develops and maintains in-service training programs for the Facility Managers, custodial, maintenance, groundskeeper, copy assistants and facility support personnel. 
  12. Conducts evaluations of the facility managers, custodial, maintenance, groundskeeper, copy assistants and facility support personnel. 
  13. Supervises, directs, and trains the Facilities Managers on the following, but not limited to, duties regarding the Operations and Facilities staff:
    1. recommends the hiring, transfer or termination
    2. has the authority to discipline employees
    3. has the authority to adjust level one grievances
    4. prepares written evaluations on a yearly basis 
  14. Oversees vacation and overtime schedules for custodial, maintenance, groundskeeper, copy assistants and facilities support staff. 
  15. Recommends to the Superintendent via the Associate Superintendent of Business Services when school should be canceled or dismissal times modified due to inclement weather or other unsafe conditions. 
  16. Oversees all snow removal operations and other actions necessary to eliminate weather-related or environmental hazards. 
  17. Oversees the scheduling and availability of all District facilities for schools and outside organizations use. 
  18. Ensures extra-curricular and school rental requirements are satisfied. 


  1. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as may from time to time be assigned by the Associate Superintendent of Business Services.
  2. Assist in other areas as needed.
  3. Complete other duties as assigned.

Technical:     Must be able to proficiently work with technology including but not limited to computers, cell phones, email, Microsoft Office, Google platform, printers, phones, etc.
Interpersonal:  Must have excellent communication skills, must be able to work collaboratively with a team, must be able to make difficult decisions that impact learning, must be able to work harmoniously with students, parents, staff, and administration, etc.  Must exhibit sound judgment in dealing with people.  Must have strong organizational skills.


  1. Support the establishment of mutual respect and equal human dignity across the entire school community.
  2. Welcomes inclusion, equity and diversity.
  3. Have an unwavering commitment to the success of all students.
  4. Understanding that your identity may be different than students, parents, and staff, you are willing to put those differences aside for the success of all students.
  5. Regardless of the identities of students, staff, or parents, works collaboratively to build a successful relationship with them.
  6. Willingly anticipate, identify and adopt change.
  7. Engage in all job-related interactions and activities, with contacts from within and outside the district, in a courteous and professional manner.
  8.  Communicate with styles that are approachable and respectful.
  9. Participate in professional development and training to become more effective and efficient.
  10. Take initiative to manage multiple tasks.
  11. Effectively organize work to be as productive as possible. 


Manual Dexterity:   Work requires definite skilled and accurate physical operations requiring some closely coordinated performance.

Physical Effort:       Work requires handling weight materials or equipment a minimum of 50 lbs., but not for sustained periods.  Must be able to stoop, climb, and reach.

Working Conditions:  Some exposure to definitely disagreeable elements may exist.  Must be able to travel to other district buildings and conferences as needed.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:      Full-time position, twelve month (260-Days), Exempt Status
SALARY RANGE:                      Salary and benefits established by the Board of Education
EVALUATION:                            Conducted yearly     

Woodland School District 50 is an Equal Opportunity Employer with established policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, marital status, arrest record, military status, order of protection status, unfavorable military discharge, citizenship status provided the individual is authorized to work in the United States, use of lawful products while not at work, being a victim of domestic or sexual violence, genetic information, physical or mental handicap or disability, if otherwise able to perform the essential functions of the job with reasonable accommodation, pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions, or other legally protected categories.  The Associate Superintendent of Educational Services (847-596-5631) addresses questions regarding student discrimination and serves as the Districts Title IX Coordinator, and the Executive Director of Human Resources (847-596-5640) answers questions concerning employment discrimination.

EP1-FY24 -2264



  1. Certification:  N/A 
  2. Education:
    1. Required –  Bachelor’s Degree
    2. Preferred –  Master’s Degree preferred.
  3. Experience: 
    1. Required –  Fifteen (15) years supervisory experience, knowledge of HVAC, boilers, plumbing, electrical, carpentry pneumatics, sustainability initiatives and construction.  Demonstrated success in working with contracted services, i.e., contracts, copy services, and custodial services. 
    2. Preferred – Fifteen (15) years supervisory experience, knowledge of HVAC, boilers, plumbing, electrical, carpentry pneumatics, sustainability initiatives and construction, demonstrated success in working with contracted services, i.e., contracts, copy services, and custodial services in a public-school setting.


Established by the School Board of Education.

How to Apply

External applicants should apply online at www.dist50.net and attach three letters of recommendations, resume and transcript(s) to the online application.
All applicants must be willing to interview in person and demonstrate skills through a situational analysis. Applicants will be contacted within three weeks if invited for an interview.  Minority candidates are encouraged to apply.
Further information regarding this position may be obtained by contacting: 
            Mr. Christopher Bobek
            Associate Superintendent of Business Services
            (847) 596-5610

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