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 Job Goal: To provide leadership and compliance in all areas related to special education and response to intervention services.

 Performance Responsibilities

  1. Act as lead facilitator for all areas of student services (special education including 504 and IEP, English Learning and RtI that include but may not be limited to:
    1. Special education, RtI, and EL data
    2. Problem solving team meetings
    3. Domain reviews and triennial re-evaluations, except speech only
    4. Eligibility determinations for special education and related services 
    5. Response to Intervention Teams
    6. Student Service Professional Development
    7. Reporting requirements for special education and related service staff
  2. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    1. Meet with special education teachers and related service staff as needed to discuss policies, procedures, best practices and IEP responsibilities.
    2. Ensure that all IEP and 504 requirements are met, including placement, related services, goals and objectives, accommodations and modifications, transportation and extended school year services.
    3. Gather, compile and send goal updates to all parents of special education students.
    4. Develop and review district protocols (job descriptions/schedules/manuals, etc…) as related to special education, RTI or EL services.
    5. Along with special education teachers, oversee all special education paraprofessionals to ensure inclusion and best practices. 
    6. Assist during the curriculum development process regarding recommended changes/adoptions as they apply to special education programs.
    7. Determine and organize needs, materials, preset accommodations for all state and district assessments for special education and 504 students.
    8. Recommend, lead and facilitate professional development for staff as related to special services topics.
    9. Participate in parent education to assist parents in understanding their children’s special needs, to provide information on child development, or to address other issues of individual or common to the parents’ interests or concerns.
  3. Out of District Placements and Professional Responsibilities
    1. Serve as district administrative liaison to Region IV meetings and community resources pertaining to special education.
    2. Attend all Domain Reviews, Eligibility Reviews and IEP Annual Reviews for out-placed students to present D3 placement and service options.
    3. Recommend to Superintendent contracted services that D3 does not provide, including Placement, Itinerant Services, Transportation and Specialized Evaluations (current providers include SEDOM, Region IV, D200 and private placements).
      1. Lead contact for all out of district special education programs.
    4. Participate in eligibility decisions with Cary D26 regarding ECE program.
    5. Assist with special education transportation including route development, discipline and training for special education bus drivers.
  4. Budget and Finance
    1. Prepare annual special education budget with Superintendent including purchase orders for district special education needs.
    2. Assist Superintendent with IDEA Flow Through Grant
    3. Maintain special education resources, inventory and website information.
  5. State and Federal Reporting
    1. Attend FACTS training sessions offered by the ISBE with district administrative assistant.
    2. Assist district administrative assistant in entering student and personnel data into “I-Star” and Funding and Child Tracking System (FACTS), ensuring correct data input by required deadlines.
    3. Assist district administrative assistant completing and submitting claims for Private Facility, Excess Cost and Special Education Personnel Reimbursement prior to August deadline dates.
    4. Meet with tech engineer and district administrative assistant monthly to update:
      1. I-Star
      2. SIS – ECE and IEP information
      3. PowerSchool – ECE and IEP information
    5. Ensure that all special education and related service staff complete their required reporting for state and federal reimbursement (Medicaid Fee for Service and Administrative Outreach).
  6. Meets monthly with District Administrative Team
  7. Report to school board on student progress data, update of programs and interventions as needed.
  8. Response to Intervention
    1. Facilitate the recommendation of RtI strategies.
    2. Oversee data collection and review for all RtI services.
    3. Maintain up-to-date student and class list information in progress monitoring and benchmarking software
  9. Evaluations
    1. Provide Teacher Observation/Evaluation according to contractual procedures for all special education teachers and district support specialist (SLP, SW, OT, Psych).
    2. Assist special educational teachers in their annual review of all paraprofessionals.
  10. Ensures adherence to all state and federal guidelines
  11. Performs such other tasks as may be assigned by the Superintendent



  1. Leadership experience in support services for students
  2. Appropriate licensure required by the State of Illinois
  3. Illinois Director of Special Education Endorsement
  4. Knowledge of the requirements for Response to Intervention


Salary - $110,000 + TRS/THIS

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