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Instructional Planning:

  1. The teacher shall prepare plans and demonstrate a sense of long term planning according to the District Framework.
  2. The teacher shall demonstrate a sequence of learning goals and objectives in the development of lessons, units, and course objectives.
  3. The teacher shall clearly state high standards for learning and let the students know they are expected to meet those standards.
  4. The teacher shall plan, for effective use of time on task.
  5. The teacher shall organize activities so that materials, equipment, and assignments are ready and accessible for students to use.
  6. The teacher shall plan for the systematic evaluation of lesson and unit activities.

Instructional Methods:

  1. The teacher shall state the objectives to be presented.
  2. The teacher shall present the lessons logically and clearly.
  3. The teacher shall incorporate a variety of instructional materials and techniques.
  4. The teacher shall use appropriate levels of questioning to evaluate student understanding to achieve a high rate of success.
  5. The teacher shall summarize the main point(s) of the lesson at the end of the instructional activity.
  6. The teacher shall give evidence of planning and preparation.
  7. The teacher shall show respect for students' opinions and suggestions.
  8. The teacher shall recognize and attempt to provide for individual differences.
  9. Classroom Management:
  10. The teacher shall establish and maintain a pleasant, orderly, and positive classroom atmosphere.
  11. The teacher shall provide proper supervision and appropriate discipline.
  12. The teacher shall be considerate and fair in dealing with students.
  13. The teacher shall demand, demonstrate, and encourage respect for materials, equipment, facility, and classroom appearance.
  14. The teacher shall utilize class time in a constructive manner.
  15. The teacher shall be punctual in meeting classes and/or supervisory assignments.
  16. Instructional Competency:
  17. The teacher shall demonstrate a thorough and complete knowledge of the subject matter being taught.
  18. The teacher shall demonstrate an ability to provide relevant examples of concepts to promote the learning of new skills.
  19. The teacher shall prepare appropriate testing materials for the evaluation of student progress.
  20. The teacher shall implement feedback on daily assignments and test results promptly.
  21. The teacher shall keep up-to-date and adequate records of each student's achievement.
  22. The teacher shall follow building and district evaluation policies.

Case management:

  1. The teacher shall participate in IEP meetings for students in the program or those being considered for the program.
  2. The teacher shall act as the case manager.
  3. The teacher shall develop and monitor lEP goals.
  4. The teacher shall monitor the delivery of related services for students on your caseload.
  5. The teacher shall complete regular progress monitoring.
  6. The teacher shall formally report progress to parents as often as is done for regular education students.
  7. The teacher shall complete the annual inventory.
  8. The teacher shall engage in two-way communication with parents and guardians regarding student progress.
  9. The teacher shall maintain high hut realistic academic and behavioral expectations for students.


The teacher shall maintain daily hours set by the school district and set a satisfactory record of attendance.
The teacher shall be an active participant in curriculum development, individually and with colleagues.
The teacher shall be involved in personal professional growth through either a continuing education program or an individually devised set of objectives or disciplines.
The teacher shall exhibit a positive attitude that promotes good rapport among colleagues, students, and parents.
The teacher shall complete assigned tasks on schedule and maintain efficient records.
The teacher shall exhibit cooperation and good judgment of student activities.
The teacher shall treat information about students and their families confidentially.
The teacher shall be a positive role model for the students.
The teacher shall follow all building and district policies and guidelines.
The teacher shall perform such other tasks as may from time to time be assigned by the principal / special services coordinator or Director.


Strong communication, public relations, and interpersonal skills.
Ability to communicate clearly and concisely in both oral and written form using a variety of communication techniques and tools to ensure the appropriate flow of information, collaborative efforts, and feedback.
Ability to compose correspondence, reports, and/or other required written materials.
Ability to read, analyze, and interpret information.
Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions, inquiries, and/or complaints.
Displays courtesy, tact, and respect when dealing with others.


Professional Educator License with Self Contained General Education and LBS1 Endorsement or Required Endorsement.
Knowledge of "Teach" Philosophy
Knowledge of Behavior Management and Data*Collection for Autism students *Knowledge of Best Practices for students with Autism
Must Be NCLB Highly Qualified.
Demonstrated capabilities in leadership, public and community relations, academic competence.
Must possess effective behavior management skills.
Must be able to structure a classroom to maximized student learning.
Must be able to establish effective communication skills with a variety of stakeholders.


Bargaining Agreement Union Position: The salary schedules for the 2022-2025 school years click on the link: https://www.joliet86.org/file.aspx?DocumentId=13197
*Maximum 10 years full time Certified Teaching Experience

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