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  1. Prepares for classroom and/or other assigned activities under the direction of the teacher and/or principal.
  2. Assist the classroom teacher with the instruction and supervision of students during classroom activities.
  3. Work with individual students or small groups to reinforce new skills initially introduced by the classroom teacher.
  4. Assist the classroom teacher in devising and implementing strategies for reinforcing skills based on data.
  5. Maintain anecdotal notes, written observations, and other approved forms of documentation for students when instructed to do so by the classroom teacher.
  6. Assist with critical daily activities.
  7. Ability to work harmoniously with others and to communicate effectively (both orally and in writing) with the public and district personnel using tact, courtesy, and good judgment.
  8. Ability to perform support functions requiring independent judgment, decision-making, and problem-solving in accordance with established policies and regulations.
  9. Ability to maintain privacy of sensitive and confidential information.
  10. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
  11. Perform general clerical duties such as: preparation of instructional materials, scoring student work, prepares materials for classroom use, etc.
  12. Operate a variety of office equipment such as copy machines, computer, and printers.
  13. Possess language skills including composition, punctuation, spelling and correct usage.
  14. Attend building meetings and in-service training.
  15. Maintain commitment to ongoing professional development.


Is responsible for instructionally-based activities:

  • understands the typical developmental characteristics of the age group and exceptional students
  • is familiar with the teaching strategy the teacher wants used
  • is able to provide reinforces in the way the teacher has planned
  • is aware of students' strengths and weaknesses
  • provides the teacher with feedback on the success/failure of an understanding of the students' skills and knowledge
  • follows lesson plans developed by the certified staff member
  • clarifies directions and procedures
  • uses spoken/written/sign language and vocabulary that are clear and age appropriate
  • asks questions of a high quality, with adequate wait time for the student to respond
  • promotes classroom interact ion
  • assists individual students or small groups with tasks
  • engages all students in discussion and encourages students to formulate questions
  • links content to students' prior knowledge and experience
  • works with a variety of instructional grouping patterns to foster students engagement in learning
  • uses a variety of instructional strategies to meet the variety of learner needs
  • provides feedback in a timely manner and specific to the learner
  • helps assess student progress through observing and recording data


Is responsible for one or more students with specific medical needs:

  • may assist with toileting, which may include diapering and/or assisting students in any stage of the toileting process
  • may assist with feeding, including g-tube feeding
  • may catheterize
  • may need to lift students and position them



Is responsible for monitoring a student's behavior under the direction of the supervising teacher:

  • establishes a positive working relationship with the student
  • monitors appropriate physical behavior
  • monitors appropriate on-task behavior
  • charts behavior data
  • implements and follows any Behavior Management Plans
  • keeps teacher informed of behavior
  • follows teacher's lead/guidelines in implementation of behavior controls


Is responsible for assisting special education students within the general education classroom:

  • assists general education teachers with modification of instruction according to the IEPs
  • works with small groups and individual students to support general education classroom instruction
  • prepares instructional materials
  • assists with administration of general education assessment
  • assists with implementation of student Behavior Management Plans
  • works with small groups and individual students to support classroom instruction
  • supports special education students in the general education curriculum in areas in which they have no IEP goals


  1. Valid State of Illinois Professional Educator License with Self Contained General Education Endorsement or Educator License with Stipulations (PARA)
  2. Degree or minimum of 60 semester hours of college credit
  3. Bilingual (Spanish / English)
  4. Read, write, and speak Spanish in order to support students in the areas of reading, written expression and math
  5. Must be NCLB highly qualified
  6. Demonstrated concern for child’s well being
  7. Willingness to accept instruction

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