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REPORTS TO: Superintendent


  • To assist the Superintendent effectively in providing leadership in the business and financial affairs of the school district
  • To administer the overall financial operation of the District
  • To develop and maintain services within the District so that maximum economy and efficiency may be realized to the benefit of the District’s educational program


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed are representative of the knowledge, skill, ability, physical demands, and working conditions required of this position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

1. Facilitating a Vision of Learning/Student Performance

  1. Financially facilitate a vision of learning/student performance with an end goal of continual improvement of outcomes
  2. Financially support educational decisions
  3. Financially support the District’s Strategic Plan

2. School Culture and Instructional Program

  1. Demonstrate professionalism and contribute to a positive work environment
  2. Manage staff fairly and respectfully while assisting those you supervise to build skills
  3. Build and maintain a positive and trusting working relationship with the teaching staff and union
  4. Help solve potential disputes informally and quickly
  5. Build and maintain a positive and trusting working relationship with the administrative staff

3. Management

  1. Management of multiple projects with competing levels of priority in a timely fashion and comprehensive and accurate completion
  2. Review and assess situations in quick, logical, process-driven ways to ensure viable and reasonable solutions
  3. Meet deadlines and schedules
  4. Maintain knowledge of current and upcoming legislation

4. Collaboration with Families and Community

  1. Develop and maintain effective working relationships with the District’s staff and school community
  2. Communicate respectfully with diverse groups
  3. Coordinate close working relationships with local, State, and county officials and with colleagues in other school districts and represent the District when attending professional meetings with them

5. Acting with Integrity, Fairness, and in an Ethical Manner

  1. Serve as a role model for staff, dressing professionally, and demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning, accepting responsibility, and pride in the education profession
  2. Use the highest ethical and professional behavior and standards when working with parents, school personnel, Board of Education members, and agencies associated with the District
  3. Maintain confidentiality in matters relating to staff, students and their families, and administrators
  4. Exercise good judgment.
  5. Maintain a record of dependable attendance and punctuality

6. The Political, Social, Economic, Legal, and Cultural Context

  1. Perform all responsibilities with an awareness of all District requirements, applicable laws, and Board of Education policies
  2. Act on own discretion when board-adopted policies and District procedures are not applicable
  3. Understand and consider political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context when making decisions
  4. Be aware of influences out of our control that may have an influence on the District’s success
  5. Adhere to State Board of Education rules and regulations, Board of Education policies, District regulations and procedures, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement for teachers


1. Accounting

  1. Supervise and/or execute all accounting operations including budgeting, forecasting, accounting entries, payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable
  2. Oversee and/or execute monthly bank reconciliations

2. Administrative Council/Cabinet

  1. Attend Administrative Council and Cabinet meetings and come prepared for agenda items that fall under your roles and responsibilities

3. Advisory Capacity

  1. Act as adviser to the Superintendent, principals, other directors, and teachers on questions relating to business and financial affairs of the District
  2. Recommend policies and procedures to promote a healthy budget
  3. Plan for and lead finance department meetings

4. Auditing

  1. Arrange for and coordinate internal and external auditing of school and District accounts
  2. Prepare accrual entries for audit
  3. Upload requested documents in auditor portal

5. Bid Process

  1. Provide guidance in the preparation of specifications to secure quotes and bids, as needed, for District equipment, supplies, purchased services, and buildings and grounds projects 

6. Board of Education

  1. Attend and participate in Board of Education meetings
  2. Prepare Board packet documents related to District finances including recommendations, monthly reports, financial projections, etc.
  3. Coordinate or prepare and present information to the Board of Education related to job responsibilities
  4. Perform special requests by the Board of Education related to job responsibilities
  5. Coordinate and facilitate Board Finance Committee meetings

7. Bonds/Loans

  1. Coordinate the issuance of bonds with financial advisor, bond/disclosure counsel, and credit rating company
  2. Supervise the payment of all bonds and loans
  3. Track expenditures related to tax-exempt bond issuance
  4. Complete annual continuing disclosure reports

8. Budget

  1. Establish the budget calendar
  2. Prepare financial projections and assume responsibility for long range planning
  3. Develop the annual budget with input from the administration, present it to the Superintendent for review, prepare for and respond to questions during public hearings, and submit it to the Board for approval
  4. Supervise the management, safekeeping, and distribution of all funds/financial affairs of the District
  5. Coordinate budget control responsibility of all directors and principals
  6. Assume responsibility for approved budget implementation

9. Collective Bargaining

  1. Co-coordinate, with the Superintendent, collective bargaining procedures; serve on the

District’s collective bargaining team and prepare data as needed

  1. Conduct salary and fringe benefit studies as needed
  2. Collaborate with Board of Education, Superintendent, and Legal Counsel during negotiations
  3. Participate in mediation and arbitration as required

10. Contracts/Agreements

  1. Manage contracts/leases/intergovernmental agreements
  2. Advise and contribute to collective bargaining process
  3. Coordinate the administration of negotiated contracts

11. Facilities

  1. Oversee the Buildings & Grounds Department
  2. Work with the principals and to monitor building needs
  3. Monitor the development of short and long-term facility plans
  4. Administer an inventory control program for the School District’s fixed assets and other building equipment
  5. Work with contracted architect to ensure projects are planned and completed
  6. Schedule annual building and equipment inspections
  7. Coordinate landscaping services and snow removal
  8. Manage district maintenance request system
  9. Coordinate training for buildings & grounds staff
  10. Apply and manage state maintenance grants

12. Financial Aid

    1. Manage financial assistance for students

13. FOIA

    1. Assist District FOIA Officer with requests as needed

14. Fringe Benefits/Insurance

  1. Oversee and administer the School District insurance and fringe benefit programs and serve as a member of the Educational Benefit Cooperative, EBC, and NSBC
  2. Facilitate staff wellness and benefits committee

15. Grants

  1. Supervise the completion of required forms, reports, and budget portions of grants
  2. Oversee and/or execute grant expenditure reporting
  3. Comply with GATA requirements which includes maintaining current SAM, Duns, and CAGE codes in order to access grant dollars

16. Human Resource

  1. Develop FMLA calendars, payroll memos, and employment proposals
  2. Provide training, or offer input on training, for district office clerical staff
  3. Annually update schedule of all employees’ salaries and distribute to appropriate district office employees for input into the financial software system

17. Legislation

  1. Keep abreast of governmental statutes, regulations, and laws relating to District finances
  2. Communicate District needs to local legislators

18. Payroll

  1. Monitor payroll preparation and distribution

19. Posting/Filing/Record Keeping

  1. Comply with all posting and filing requirements
  2. Establish and administer a record-keeping system for all funds
  3. Supervise the filing and storage of all payroll records, invoices, claims, and purchase orders

20. Professional Development

  1. Design and provide orientation and assistance for new finance department staff
  2. Provide professional development opportunities for finance department staff as needed

21. Purchased Goods and Services

  1. Supervise the purchasing of School District supplies, equipment, and services
  2. Coordinate purchasing efforts with other school districts and local agencies when savings can result

22. Real Estate

  1. Manage the District’s property
  2. Maintain current knowledge of tax appeals and work with attorneys, the assessor, etc. to ensure the proper assessment of property within District boundaries, proactively settle potential appeals and intervene on large appeals
  3. Develop, recommend, and file tax levies

23. Referendum

1. Coordinate financial aspects of a referendum

24. Retirement

  1. Serve as the District’s authorized agent for the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
  2. Provide assistance regarding the Teachers’ Retirement System and supervise proper reporting of creditable earnings and service credit for certified employees
  3. Manage 403 b / 457 programs

25. Staff Recruitment and Retention

  1. Recruit quality finance department staff
  2. Recruit quality custodians, maintenance staff, etc.

26. State and Federal Reporting

  1. Ensure completion of information required by the State and federal government related to your areas of responsibility

27. Supervision/Evaluation

  1. Develop and maintain current job descriptions for the staff members in Business Office and Buildings and Grounds Department
  2. Supervise and evaluate the performance of the Administrative Accounting Assistant to the CSBO, District Office Assistant, Payroll / Accounts Payable Coordinator, Director of Buildings & Grounds and other part-time district office employees; use job descriptions as a basis for the evaluations

28. Supplies and Equipment

  1. Establish guidelines for administrators with budget control to purchase supplies and equipment

29. Supporting Services

  1. Supervise and oversee the District’s supporting services such as transportation, purchasing, and food management services, including supervision of bus route development, communications to parents, transportation contracts, food service contracts and pricing, regular reporting to state

30. Technology

  1. Oversee Business Services communications for the District website
  2. Utilize technology effectively to support the performance of duties

31. District Treasurer

  1. Oversee investment of District funds
  2. Coordinate and time investments and disbursements to meet payroll, etc. 

32. Tort Immunity Services

  1. Unemployment Compensation - provide information to IDES and/or work with TPA for unemployment claims
  2. Property Liability Insurance - provide information for proper insurance coverage and certificates of insurance, as well as manage liability claims for the District and serve as a board member on Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative (CLIC)
  3. Workers’ Compensation - provide estimated and actual payroll information as well as manage timely and detailed reporting regarding employee accident/injury claims and serve as a board member on Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative (CLIC)

33. Other

a. Perform all other duties that are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of and business office services and as assigned by the Superintendent



  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Required State Certification - Type 75 CSBO Endorsement
  • Accounting Degree or minor preferred (not required)


  • Two or more years experience as a CSBO preferred
  • Accounting experience preferred
  • Experience supervising Buildings & Grounds and Transportation personnel and operations preferred
  • Proven leadership and decision-making abilities
  • Financial experience including, but not limited to, business management, budgeting, the levy process, financial projections, payroll, purchasing, and personnel


  • Methods and techniques used in fund accounting and reporting, including the use of accounting software (Microsoft Excel or similar) and database systems (Skyward or similar) to ensure reporting that displays statistical data in a user-friendly manner


  • Listening, speaking, writing, presentation, observation, analysis, supervision, evaluation, data analysis, strategic planning, problem-solving

Physical Requirements

  • Independent physical movement from one location to another
  • Drive within the District between schools and outside the District to locations where business is being conducted

Physical Environment

  • Typically, roles and responsibilities are performed inside but do require going outside for physical examination of the facilities.


Will be based on formal education, experience, and will be regionally competitive. Avoca’s immediate region is among the most well-compensated in Illinois, the Midwest, and the country.

Additional Notes

Projected start date is July 1, 2024. Earlier start dates will be considered and/or compensated time can be allotted prior to July 1, 2024, in order to facilitate a smooth transition in Business Office leadership.

Evaluation: Performance is evaluated annually by the Superintendent in accordance with the provisions of the Board of Education policy and the administrative evaluation process.

Professional Development: Participate in professional development needed to remain current with job-related responsibilities and endorsements.

Terms of Employment: Established by the District’s twelve-month employee calendar, Board of Education policy, and law pertaining to Certificated Personnel with salary and fringe benefits in accordance with those established by the Board of Education upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools

Completion of mandated training through the Global Compliance Network within the first 45 days of employment without financial compensation.

How to Apply

Applications must be sent through the district's employment website.

Submit the following to Dr. Sandra Arreguín arreguins@avoca37.org no later than December 15, 2023

  • Cover letter highlighting qualifications and reasons for applying
  • Curriculum Vitae (Resumé)
  • At least two letters of recommendation provided within the last 18 months

Additional documents will be requested upon screening.

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