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Communication Skills

  1. Communicates and works effectively with staff and parents.
  2. Provides accurate, well-written communications to staff and parents.
  3. Communicate and works effectively with colleagues, teachers, parents and students.

Instructional Leadership

  1. Communicates and implements the district’s mission and goals.
  2. Works with Building Principal to create a vision of excellence for the school.
  3. Demonstrates high expectations for staff and students.
  4. Recognizes the qualities of effective instruction.
  5. Assists staff in evaluating instructional effectiveness and setting goals for improvement.
  6. Ensures curriculum is implemented with fidelity.
  7. Monitors student achievement for academic success.
  8. Is a visible presence in building to staff and students.
  9. Is continually engaged in school improvement efforts.
  10. Encourages creativity and innovation to improve student achievement.
  11. Assists in the direction and supervision of the educational program and the supportive services within the school within the policy structure of the District and the District Administration.
  12. Supports the preparation and monitors budget appropriately according to building needs.
  13. Develops and implements duty rosters, which provide for the supervision of halls, cafeteria, arrival and departure of students and other related extra-curricular activities by certified staff.
  14. Participates in the planning and presentation of the regularly scheduled faculty meetings.
  15. Performs all other responsibilities as assigned by the Principal.
  16. Essential in this role are the responsibilities for staff evaluation, curriculum development,personnel management, emergency procedures, and facility operations.

 Organizational Skills

  1. Monitors and addresses personnel concerns promptly and fairly.
  2. Prepares and interprets reports and records accurately.
  3. Effectively uses available technology to increase office productivity.
  4. Assists in the development and revision of building administrative procedures by submitting through the Building Principal suggested alterations, additions and/or deletions.
  5. Develops effective policies and procedures with staff input which comply with District policy.
  6. Supports and implements established building policies, procedures and regulations.
  7. Organizes and supervises all after school functions in the school.
  8. Fosters a positive, service-oriented atmosphere in school office.

Student Learning Environment

  1. Maintains a safe and orderly learning environment for students and staff.
  2. Minimizes disruptions to the instructional process.
  3. Promotes a positive school climate.
  4. Communicates effectively with students, parents, staff and community.
  5. Makes personnel assignments which maximize staff strengths.
  6. Cooperates with staff in the development and supervise the implementation of student management procedures, which will contribute to the effectiveness of the educational climate in the school and are consistent with the District discipline guidelines and procedures.
  7. Works with principal to ensure a welcoming environment and a school culture that successfully develops the full range of students’ learning capacities – academic, creative, social-emotional, behavioral and physical.

 Teacher Performance Improvement

  1. Conferences regularly with staff members to review performance
  2. Effectively evaluates staff according to district plan
  3. Attends and contributes to district-level and other professional meetings
  4. Encourages professional growth to enhance teacher performance
  5. Expresses interest and enthusiasm for teaching and learning
  6. Holds teachers and other staff accountable for student learning
  7. Coaches and counsels staff in helpful and supportive manner
  8. In collaboration with building principal, evaluates the effectiveness of instruction and of individual teachers by conducting frequent formal and informal observations and provides timely, specific feedback on instruction as part of the district teacher appraisal system.

Professional Growth

  1. Encourages professional growth to enhance teacher performance
  2. Attends and contributes to district-level and other professional meetings
  3. Is personally committed to lifelong learning
  4. Demonstrates honesty and integrity
  5. Communicates high performance expectations to staff members
  6. Utilizes effective school research in decision making

Parental Involvement

  1. Provides workshops, training and in-services to ensure a stronger parent/school partnership.
  2. Communicates school mission and expectations regularly and provides follow-up to reinforce message.
  3. Reviews and compares annually the percentage of parent attendance at conferences.
  4. Promotes and maintains quality community relations.
  5. Coordinates necessary support services for students.
  6. Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Principal or his/her designee.
  7. Utilizes meaningful feedback from students, staff, families, and community in the evaluation of instructional programs and school procedures.   


  1. State of Illinois Professional Educator License – General Administrative K- 12 Endorsement or Principal
  2. Four years teaching experience — preferably in junior high schools
  3. Knowledge of junior high school curriculum and curriculum development
  4. Proven record of dynamic educational leadership, including excellent interpersonal and communication skills with students, staff and parents
  5. Strong background in junior high curriculum, instruction and special education
  6. Successful administrative or teaching experience
  7. Ability to be part of the effective management team
  8. Ability to work well in a professional community with high expectations for its students and school
  9. Carry out the general policies and regulations of the District, under direction of the Principal.

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