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1. To arrange for and complete the social developmental study and/or family analysis as related to the nature of the learning and social behavior problems of children referred for service.
2. To plan and develop appropriate social work intervention techniques for children for whom social work evaluations have been completed.
3. To arrange for conferences about children for whom social work evaluations and interventions have been completed and established.
4. To participate in the development of management plans to aid children who have been referred for services. To implement social work intervention strategies as needed to aide children, parents, and teachers. To make community agency and public or private institution contacts as needed relative to follow-up on the social problems of children.
5. To assure the safety, and physical and emotional well-being of students who because of abuse, neglect or crisis are determined at risk.

1. Function as a member of the Case Action Team or Pre-School Assessment Team.
2. Provide a social developmental study and adaptive behavior assessment for children referred to the Case Action Team.
3. Participate in staffings of children evaluated with appropriate school personnel.
4. Confer and cooperate with members of the Case Action Team as needed relative to Case disposition and follow-up.
5. Participate in re-evaluation staffings of children placed in special education programs.
6. Participate in placement staffings of children entering programs for the Behavioral Disorder child and as needed in other special class placement staffings.
7. Provide individual and/or group therapy to students on social work caseloads.
8. Recommend appropriate intervention procedures for children and/or families evaluated.
9. Upon request, consult with school personnel and parents regarding the management of children with learning and social behavior problems.
10. Provide liaison services between the schools and community agencies and other public or private institutions.
11. Upon request, provide liaison services between the school and the home.
12. Provide liaison services between the schools and community agencies and other public or private institutions.
13. Confer with parents relative to the social history and family analysis findings and recommendations.
14. Investigate and report to appropriate agencies on suspected child abuse cases.
15. To serve as a member of a Crisis Intervention Team that would be used when a state of crisis or emergency exists at one of District 86 schools.
16. Provide written reports about all children for whom evaluations have been completed or for whom other social work services have been provided.
17. Develop IEP for each child on a therapy caseload.
18. Submit a bi-monthly report of activities to the Coordinator of Funding and Private Placements.
19. Attend monthly staff development sessions and other meetings as called by the Coordinator of Funding and Private Placements.
20. Other duties as assigned.


MSW degree from a school of social work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education
Professional Educator License with Social Worker Endorsement and Approval and Registration as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Social Worker through the Department of Professional Regulation

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