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  • Plans activities and events for students after school that meet the needs of the students.
  • Report rosters for competitions and stays abreast of related news and rules throughout the year.
  • Abreast of new rules and regulations for the sport.
  • Punctual and present for all events and practices including bus rides.
  • Organizes and communicates desired supply order to the Athletic Director each winter.
  • Communicates with schools on scheduled competitions.
  • Supervises students during practices, events and competitions and until all students have left the facilities.
  • Positively motivate, communicate, and interact with student participants.
  • Positively communicate and interact with parents, officials, and others.
  • Promotes and publicizes the team by utilizing the district and school communication forums.
  • Maintains a variety of documents including records for both practices and competitions.
  • Works with Limestone Park District to request room space for meetings or competitions.
  • Makes appropriate travel arrangements and communicates with families regarding competitions or other events in a timely manner.
  • Plans activities to meet the needs, skills, and interests of students involved.
  • Use appropriate channels to resolve concerns, conflicts, and issues.
  • Conduct practice and competitions with a high level of sportsmanship and ethics. Profanity is not to be used by coaches or students.
  • May be required to perform other duties as assigned by the Administration.


  • Ability to understand and follow basic oral and written skills.
  • Demonstrates understanding and knowledge of the sport.
  • Enforce school regulations and policies in a professional manner.
  • Demonstrate the ability to deal with sensitive issues in a tactful and professional manner.
  • Address concerns and offer suggestions in an appropriate and confidential manner.
  • Ability to maintain good working relationships with fellow employees and pupils.
  • Ability to communicate to students, parents and staff in an acceptable/courteous manner.



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