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Provides cooperative leadership with nighttime contractor to establish cleaning and sanitation of the school as the top priority.
Responsible for monitoring all mechanical equipment in the building and completing minor repairs.
Responsible for proper economical use of all supplies, tools, and equipment assigned to building.
Aids the lunch program - sets up and takes down lunchroom tables and cleans tables and floor daily.
Cleans washrooms, halls, entrances, and glass throughout the day during school hours.
Responsible for maintaining and trimming shrubbery, grass, and weeds around the building and disposing of paper and debris on the grounds of the school (daily walk).
Responsible for snow removal of sidewalks, paths, and entrances around the building prior to students and staff arrival.
Walks school grounds daily to ensure safety and cleanliness.
Keeps front entrances presentable for students, staff, and guests.
Responds to emergency clean-up situations throughout the building.
Inspects interior of classrooms, washrooms, and corridors for cleanliness, vandalism, and maintenance needs.
Inspects exterior doors to ensure all are closed and locked at all times.
Walks building throughout day reporting any unusual activity to supervisors.
Coordinates project cleaning during school breaks.
Monitors climate in buildings and reports status to Director of Maintenance
Compiles recommendations for building improvements.
Maintains inventory of cleaning supplies, paper products, and photocopier paper.
Paints classrooms, hallways, and curbs, as needed.
Sets up and takes down chairs and tables for numerous school functions (parent-teacher conferences, musical, graduation, etc.)
Recommends necessary maintenance that is outside the scope of responsibility.
Moves furniture, supplies, and equipment as directed by Principal, Director of Maintenance, or Business Manager.
Accepts deliveries and items as needed.
Deliveries packages and orders within the building each day
Supports needs at other locations when asked.
Reports any injuries or incidents to the Principal of the building and completes appropriate forms relating to incident.
Keeps required records and reports.
Any other duties as assigned by the Principal, Director of Maintenance, or Business Manager.


High school graduate.
Fluent and literate in English.
Physically able to do the type of work associated with cleaning and maintenance such as: lifting motors and pumps into place, working on a ladder or lift, performing snow removal, moving of furniture and other physical demanding tasks.
Able to perform minor routine plumbing repairs and a willingness to learn.
Able to perform minor routine electrical repairs and a willingness to learn.
Able to perform minor routine other types of repairs (ie. carpentry, drywall, patching, etc.) and a willingness to learn.
Basic knowledge of locks and door closing devices.

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