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Function / Position Summary
Provide in-house legal services including representation and research. Assist the Chief Legal Officer in providing legal services to the Board of Education and District Administration. Conduct investigations of constituent, student and staff concerns.

Job Duties / Responsibilities

  • Render legal opinions and advice to the Chief Legal Officer, Superintendent, Board of Education and other administrative staff.
  • Provide legal representation for the District (under the supervision of the Chief Legal Officer and in collaboration with District outside legal counsel when necessary) as follows:
    1. Title IX, Title VI, Title VII investigations and other matters involving allegations harassment, discrimination and retaliation;
    2. Investigation of employee misconduct;
    3. Prosecution or defense of lawsuits;
    4. Investigation or responses as conducted by administrative or regulatory agencies;
    5. Audits of the School District by the Regional Office of Education and Illinois State Board of Education and;
    6. All other matters as necessary to effectively represent the interests of the Superintendent and the Board of Education in legal matters.
  • Draft, review and revise contracts and any other agreements on behalf of the District.
  • Assist in the resolution of labor grievances, including filed at Step II, and other labor issues.
  • Draft legal opinions in any legal area as needed.
  • Work on any formal complaints or grievances.
  • Conduct student suspension and expulsion hearings as Board appointed hearing officer.
  • Communicate with central office, department and building administrators, parents and students as appropriate related to student and employee discipline and other legal matters. Design and implement the current employee discipline model.
  • Assist in the drafting of Board policy and procedures and revision of employee handbooks and any other administrative procedures.
  • Assist in reviewing any legislation which may potentially affect the District.
  • Maintain knowledge of laws, decisions, and other legal information regarding school issues.
  • Provide assistance and advice regarding District records, including but not limited to requests under FOIA, ISSRA, FERPA, IPRRA, IDEA, and SOPPA.
  • Serve as legal counsel during collective bargaining/negotiations for the District’s unions.
  • Serve as the Board of Education Secretary during Board meetings as necessary. Maintain confidentiality of all matters within the district and community.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned.



  • Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from an accredited university.
  • Licensed to practice law in the state of Illinois.
  • A minimum of two years of experience as an attorney with experience in public or private legal practice involving local, state, federal government or public school agencies.

Experience / Knowledge

  • A minimum of two years as an attorney with experience in public or private legal practice involving local, state, federal government or public school agencies; direct experience in legal practice involving the School Code of Illinois preferred.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills as well as interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrable ability to provide counsel, assistance, and training to staff.
  • Demonstrable ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with discrete groups.



  • This is a 12-month position.
  • Salary and benefits as established by the Board of Education.
  • The full salary range for this position is $91,560.00 - $137,323.00.  Our typical practice is to hire in between the minimum and midpoint ($114,444.00)
  • Benefits & Pension Eligible 

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